The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks

If you are using Windows 7 64 bit and so far it’s been working fine, but suddenly the tab key started acting all funny? Then it’s a very common keyboard you show that many users had to face. However, there are ways you can fix it. There can be many reasons why your tab key suddenly stops working in both Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks desktop 2022. This article will talk about how to fix your “tab key not working” issue in QuickBooks and how you can fix it. 

If your tan key suddenly stopped working, then the chances are that the main issue is with the keyboard itself. This is why even after using a rebelled data tool and maybe a new computer altogether, you still are facing the same problem. So how to fix it? The most common reason why your keyboard is acting weird could be because there might be some dust or other substance which has been stuck beneath the keys or inside the keyboard. Shaking or cleaning the keyboard might help resolve the issue. If you are still facing the same issue, here is what you can do to fix it:

How To Fix The Tab Key In QuickBooks [Updated Methods 2022]

Method 1-  KVM Switches: 

It’s important to make sure that your keyboard is connected directly to your computer and not to some other switch or middle device. Some middle devices allow you to control multiple keyboards or multiple computers from one single keyboard. This may cause many problems with the keyboard itself. It’s better to disconnect the middle device and then reconnect your keyboard directly to your computer. After that, simply go back to your application, where you need to use the tab key and see the result. 

Method 2 – Use Keyboard Combinations

The tab key is not the only key that lets you go to the next form or next row. Some key combinations also can offer the same functions and can be used the same way as a tab key. Another thing to note is that in Windows, there are other key combinations as well that can enable or disable the functions of the tab key.

Below are some key combinations that you can try to fix the mentioned problem. 

  1. ALT + 0 + 0 + 9
  2. Press the Windows Key twice (turns off StickKeys)
  3. Press the ALT key twice
  4. Press the CTRL key twice

Method 3- Uninstall Keyboard Driver

If the above-mentioned two methods do not work, then you can try this method to fix the issue at hand. Try to uninstall the keyboard driver and then re-install one more time. That your keyboard driver has gotten some bugs in it, which is causing the tab key not to work properly.

Here’s how you can uninstall the keyboard driver: 

  • To uninstall the keyboard driver, head to the device manager
  • Then click to expand the keyboards and right-click to uninstall it. 
  • Once it’s uninstalled, start your computer and let the windows re-install the keyboard itself. 
  • Now open QuickBooks and try to use the tab key. 
The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks

If you are still facing issues with your tab key in QuickBooks, then the chances are that your QuickBooks software is having issues that are disabling the tab key functions. In that case, you need to fix your QuickBooks software. This is what you need to do to fix your QuickBooks and resolve the tab key issue: 

Way 4- Uninstall And Then Re-Install The QuickBooks: 

The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks

This is a very common way to solve any issues that you are having with your QuickBooks. Just simply uninstall the software and then re-install it on your computer. Follow the steps below to complete the process: 

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks

Here are the steps of how to uninstall or remove the QuickBooks from your computer: 

  • First, close your QuickBooks software and go to the main display.
  • Head to the windows start menu and click on it. 
  • In the search bar, type the control panel and open it. 
The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks
  • You will see an option for programs and features or Uninstall a Program.
  • Search for the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop that you want to uninstall. 
  • Click on Uninstall/Change and then Remove and then click on Next.  

If you are unable to see the option, then you can sign out and then again sign back in your Windows as an Admin to enable the options. 

Step 2: Collect Your QuickBooks Product Info

To re-install your QuickBooks desktop version, you need to gather the QuickBooks product info. Here’s what you need to do: 

The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks
  • First, go ahead and download the installer (.exe file) for your version of QuickBooks.
The Tab Key Not Working In The QuickBooks
  • And check whether your computer has all the system requirements or not. 
  • Get your license number ready. You can find it on the original package or in the purchase confirmation email. 
  • You will also need your product year and version. 
  • Now just simply re-install it. 

Step 3: Re-install QuickBooks Desktop: 

Give a right-click on the .exe file of your QuickBooks desktop version and then choose to run as administrator. Follow the instructions that will pop up on your screen. And let the QuickBooks desktop installation process complete. Once it’s done, simply reboot your PC and see if you are still facing the same issue or not? 

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

It’s better to check if your QuickBooks software is running on the latest version or not. Then you should update your QuickBooks software to the latest version and then open it to see if you’re still having the same issue. Above are all the possible ways of fixing the “tab key not working in the QuickBooks” issue. Hope this article was helpful and let us know if the problem has been resolved or not. For more QuickBooks-related queries, contact QuickBooks desktop support experts on our toll-free helpline mentioned above. 

FAQs About Tab Key Not Working in QuickBooks 

Is It Possible To Fix The Tab Key If It’s Not Working? 

Yes, you can fix the tab key if it stops working all of a sudden by following the steps in this guide.

How To Fix The Tab Key If It’s Not Working? 

You can try using different key combinations or uninstall the keyboard driver to see if the issue is solved or not. 

Is My QuickBooks Broken Since The Tab Key Has Stopped Working In QuickBooks?

No, your QuickBooks is just fine. However, you may want to re-install your QuickBooks software to make sure that there are any bugs or other issues.

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