Rebuild & Verify Data in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the comprehensive accounting software that is used by small and medium businesses to manage their financial transactions. There are ample features available in the software, which makes it one of the preferred accounting software for businesses.

How to Rebuild and Verify Data in QuickBooks

One such feature that is widely popular is verifying and rebuilding the data. Since facing errors are inevitable in QuickBooks, the feature helps in identifying and rectifying the common errors. Today we will cover all the details associated with the Rebuild and verify feature of QuickBooks.

Rebuild & Verify Data in QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Rebuild & Verify Data Utility in Desktop 2022

Reasons To Use Rebuild and Verify QuickBooks Data

There are certain reasons that push the users to use the verify and rebuild features. Some of the common reasons are:

  • If you face complicated errors in QuickBooks Desktop, you must utilise the feature
  • The verify and rebuild features are useful in finding the missing transaction data
  • When all the accounts are shown under the balance sheet, you must use the verify feature
  • If the company file is not loading or facing frequent crashes, you can use the features
  • You can use the features if you see the pop-up error while working on QuickBooks
  • If QuickBooks crashes after you save a transaction, you must use the verify and rebuild features to solve the issue
  • If there are bills posted in the software with negative values or other discrepancies, you must use the feature

Steps To Verify Data in QuickBooks

To initiate the verify data feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the Window option and then choose the Close All option
  • Under the utility option located in the File menu, click on the Verify Data option

Once you click on the option, QuickBooks will start verifying data. If you notice the following actions mentioned below, take the necessary steps.

  • If QuickBooks does not detect any specific issues with your data, you do not have to take the necessary actions
  • If there are specific glitches, look out for fixation methods on the internet or QuickBooks website
  • If you see the option that states that data has lost integrity, you must follow the steps of rebuilding the data to solve the problem. 

Steps to Rebuild Data in QuickBooks

If the data has lost integrity, follow the steps mentioned below to rebuild the data

  • Under the File menu, navigate to the utilities and click on Rebuild Data
  • Once you click on the Rebuild Data, you will get the option to back up the company file to avoid any deletion of data in the process. To back up the company file:
    • Select the location where you will back up the company file and select OK
    • If a message prompts stating that you want to replace another backup file, click on the No option and enter a new File Name and click Save
    • If the backup fails, contact the payroll support and cancel the process
  • As the backup process will finish, the rebuild data utility will start
  • Once the message appears on the screen saying Rebuild has completed, click on the OK option and finish the process.

Verify Data in QuickBooks

Once you have completed the process, run the verify data feature again to check for remaining data damage. If the verified data detects additional damage, you will have to manually correct the errors. It is advised that you must locate the error within the qbwin.log and search for the fixation methods.

If the error cannot be located, you must restore a recent QuickBooks backup. However, you must not overwrite the existing company file.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

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