Quicken Internet Connection Error

Quicken is widely regarded as one of the best personal finance management tools. Even small businesses work on Quicken to manage their accounting transactions. The software features a minimal interface and various tools to make the accounting & bookkeeping process hassle-free. Errors may appear on the screen when users attempt to connect to the internet in order to access online services like Quicken Internet Connection Error. The internet connection error is common in Quicken. Many users find it challenging to resolve the issue and work on online services. In this article, we will list all the possible causes of the Quicken internet connection error along with its troubleshooting method.

What Causes Quicken Internet Connection Error?

Quicken Internet Connection Error primarily arises when the server is compromised and the software does not get a secure connection. Some of the other major causes of the Quicken internet connection error are: 

  • If Quicken is not updated to the latest version
  • When specific changes are made in internet settings, the error will pop on the screen.
  • Quicken is not installed correctly. 
  • When the bank server is compromised, an internet connection error is inevitable.
  • When privacy programs like Firewall block the access of Quicken and other essential files
  • If the internet connection is not set up correctly

Fixation Methods of Quicken Internet Connection Error

Updating accounts in Quicken is one of the essential processes. However, internet connection error limits users and does not allow them to access online services. To fix the Quicken internet connection error, follow the methods listed below.

Quicken Internet Connection Error

Check Broadband Speed

Internet speed is one of the essential factors while working on the Quicken software. Generally, a stable internet connection gets the job done in the software. However, a minimum of 25 Mbps download speed is critical for efficient workflow.

If the internet speed is appropriate and you still see the connection error, follow the next method.

Quicken Internet Connection Error

Update Internet Security Settings

To update the internet security settings, follow the points listed below:

  • Hold the Windows+R key to open the Run command box.
  • Type Control and navigate to the Internet Options.
  • Click on the Network and Internet option.
  • Navigate to the Advanced button and scroll down to the security section.
  • Ensure that TLS 1.2 is checked.
Quicken Internet Connection Error
  • Click Apply and OK.

Once you have updated internet security settings, check for the connection error. If the connection error still exists, try another method.

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Configure Firewall Settings

Sometimes Firewall settings block the website of Quicken for safety reasons. However, if the Quicken website is blocked, the internet connection error will limit the software’s working.

Open the Firewall and check for the list of blocked websites. If you see Quicken in the list, remove the website and close the Window.

Once you have updated the Firewall settings, restart your computer and try to update your accounts again. If you still see the internet connection error, follow the next method.

Restore Default Internet Settings

To restore the default settings in the system, follow the points below:

  • Click on the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel.
  • Search for the Network and Internet tab in the Control Panel.
Quicken Internet Connection Error
  • Select the Internet icon from the Security Tab on the left. 
  • Select the Default level and save the default settings.

Once you have restored the default settings, restart the system and check for the internet connection error. If the error still exists, try the next method.

Remove Adware and Spyware Programs

Adware and spyware programs sometimes delete essential Quicken files that lead to various errors, including the Quicken internet connection error. If you encounter a connection error, it is advised that you must remove adware and spyware programs. 

Update Quicken To the Latest Version

To update Quicken to the latest version, follow the steps below: 

  • Open Quicken and click on the Help button.
  • Click on Check for Updates button.
  • If you do not see the Check for Updates button, follow the update via Quicken via One Step Update instructions.
Quicken Internet Connection Error
  • If you see any available updates, follow the instructions and finish the process.

Contact Quicken Experts

All these methods will ensure that the internet connection error is resolved. If none of the solutions solves the issue, you must reach out to our team of Quicken experts available 24/7 to help you fix various Quicken errors hassle-free.

Quicken Internet Connection Error FAQs

What is Quicken Internet Connection Error?

Quicken Internet Connection Error primarily arises when the server is compromised and the software does not get a secure connection.

How Much Internet Speed is Essential For Quicken?

A minimum of 25 Mbps download speed is essential for Quicken software.

Should I Turn Off Pop-up Blocker?

Yes, to download transactions online, you must turn off the pop-up blocker.

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