Quicken Error CC-502

Quicken has created a superior clientele base in the corporate world by offering stunning management services. From personal finances to small business management, Quicken allows various tools and features that make the accounting process easier. Sometimes the software shows specific errors that degrade the user experience. Quicken Error CC-502 is a common error that pops on the screen while updating your bank accounts. This article will cover all the causes and troubleshooting methods of Quicken error cc-502.

What Causes Quicken Error CC-502?

There are various causes of Quicken error cc-502. Some of the major causes of the error are:

  • When the bank server is under maintenance, the error cc-502 will pop up on the screen
  • The error also appears when essential Quicken files are damaged or corrupted.
  • If the virus or malware attacks the system and damages the Windows file, the error will appear.
  • When the online account details are not synced, the software will pop up the error cc-502
  • The error cc-502 also appears when Quicken is not updated to the latest version.

Symptoms of Quicken Error CC-502

The following are some of the symptoms associated with the Quicken error cc-502:

  • Quicken software will frequently crash at regular intervals.
  • The inputs from the keyboard and mouse will become slow. 
  • The overall performance of the system will reduce
  • The Windows system will freeze periodically.

Methods to Fix Quicken Error CC-502

Quicken Error CC-502

Quicken error cc-502 must be fixed to the earliest to keep important data safe from unwanted corruption. There are certain easy methods that you can use to resolve the issue. Following are some of the effective methods for solving Quicken error cc-502. 

Updating Quicken Account

One of the major causes of Quicken error cc-502 is updated Quicken software. The bank makes some changes that do not align with the outdated version of Quicken. To update your Quicken account, follow the steps below:

  • Open Quicken and navigate to the Help menu
  • Under the menu, click on the Check on Updates button.
Quicken Error CC-502
  • If you see a new release of the software, click on the Yes button.
  • Follow the instructions on the software screen to finish the process.

Restart your computer to make the changes. If the error cc-502 still exists, try the next method.

Create New Quicken Test File

To create a new Quicken test file, follow the steps below:

  • Open Quicken and navigate to the File menu
  • Select a new Quicken file and save the file with a test name
Quicken Error CC-502
  • Select the account type and enter the credentials 
  • The test account will be added. Click on Finish
  • From the account bar, click on accept all button to show upcoming transactions.
  • Update the created account in the test file 
  • Click on done to finish the update.
  • Choose Add Account from the Tools menu.
  • Select the account type and enter the credentials
Quicken Error CC-502
  • Click on the option Link- to existing Quicken account and select the account with error cc-502
  • Click on the next and then finish.
  • Next, click on the One Step Update Icon.
  • Checkmark the account with the error and enter the username and password 
  • Click on Update and wait for the process to finish.

If the error still exists, follow the next method.

Refresh Online Banking Details

To refresh online banking details in Quicken, follow the points below:

  • Navigate to the error facing account from the Account Bar tab
  • Click on the gear icon with a downward arrow on the right side or press CTRL+Shift+N
  • Click on Update
  • Make a checkbox and type the password. 
  • Click on Update Now and then wait for the One Step Update summary to appear.
Quicken Error CC-502

Restart the software and check for updates. If the error still exists, follow the next method.

Deactivate and Reactivate Quicken Account


To deactivate your Quicken account, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Account Tools option listed in the Tools button
  • Click on Edit and select the Online Services Tab.
  • Click on the Deactivate button and click yes to confirm
  • Click on Done to finish the process.


To reactivate the Quicken account, follow the points below: 

  • Click on Add Account under the Tools menu
  • Select the preferred account type like current or savings and click on Advanced setup
  • Type the name of the bank and click Next
  • Opt for the connection method and enter the bank username and password
  • Click on connect button.
  • As you see the list of accounts, reactivate the account.
  • Instead of adding the accounts again, Link them with an existing account in Quicken.
Quicken Error CC-502
  • Finish the process

Contact Quicken Experts

If you have tried all the fixation methods and the error still appears on the screen, you must reach out to our Quicken Experts for technical assistance and support. Dial our toll-free number +1877-708-5420 and get connected.

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Error CC-502 FAQs 

Does Outdated Version of Quicken Causes Error CC-502?

Yes, an outdated version of Quicken is one of the major causes of error cc-502.

What is Quicken Error CC-502?

Quicken error cc-502 arises when the bank server or website is under maintenance or the data file of Quicken is damaged.

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