QuickBooks Windows 11 Compatibility

QuickBooks Windows 11 Compatibility & Requirements

QuickBooks Windows 11 Compatibility

Microsoft launched the most awaited Windows 11 series on October 5, 2021. The newest offering packs some advanced features to elevate the user experience. While the software is being optimized for Windows 11, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version has been especially rolled out for users who have switched to Windows 11. Currently, the QuickBooks 2022 (Pro Plus, Premier Pro, Pro, and Enterprise) is compatible with Windows 11. Rest all the versions of QuickBooks do not align with Windows 11 ecosystem to date. 

Compatibility for QuickBooks 2022

Now that you know that QuickBooks 2022 is compatible with Windows 11, take a look at the computer needs that is essential for a hassle-free experience while working on the accounting software. Here are all the hardware, software, and other crucial requirements for QuickBooks 2022. 

Operating Systems

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is compatible with different versions of Windows. The prominent versions that can easily optimize for the accounting software are:

  • Windows 11, 64-bit 
  • Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2016, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2012, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows 10, all 64-bit editions, natively installed
  • Windows 8.1, all 64-bit editions, natively installed

Note: You must install Windows natively on the system. The simulated version of Windows will support QuickBooks 2022.

Browser Requirements

Many users think that the latest version of QuickBooks works well with different internet browsers. However, Intuit has maintained its exclusivity, and users require Internet Explorer (32-bit) and a stable internet connection.

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Hardware Requirements

Before jumping into the hardware requirements, you must note that QuickBooks Desktop 2022 will only work on a 64-bit Windows operating system. If you have a 32-bit system, it is advised that you must make the desired changes without any hassle. The complete list of hardware essentials for QuickBooks 2022 is listed below.

Processor and RAM

For efficient and optimized performance, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 requires a minimum 2.4Ghz processor and 8GB of RAM. However, it is advised that you must install 16GB of RAM for powerful performance. The server RAM requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022 are

  • 8GB RAM (up to 5 users)
  • 12GB RAM (10 users)
  • 16GB RAM (15 users)
  • 20+GB RAM (More than 20 users)

Disk Space

For installation of the software, users would require 2.25GB of disk space. Additionally, 60MB will be required for Microsoft .NET 4.8 runtime software. The other disk space allocation for QuickBooks Desktop 2022 are:

  • Twice the size of the largest file along with 100MB or twice the size to restore data.

For high-level performance, it is advised that you must store all the QuickBooks data files in SSDs. In case of data loss, you also have an option for QuickBooks data recovery.

Optical Drive and Screen Resolution

If you wish to install QuickBooks desktop from CD, you will need a 4X DVD-ROM for installation. The screen display should be optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 extended monitors. Also, the screen must be optimized for default DPI settings in the operating system.

Software Compatibility

QuickBooks requires support from various other software for efficient performance. Before you start working on the accounting software, you must install the software listed below.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later for viewing different forms
  • Pro-series tax year 2021
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, or any other mail service provider
  • Lacerte 2021
  • QuickBooks point of sale versions 18.0 and 19.0
  • TurboTax 2021
  • Quicken (2016-2021)
  • Internet Access for payroll and other online features

Apart from the list, you must install the complete Microsoft Office package for a hassle-free experience.

Antivirus Software Compatibility

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is compatible with different antivirus software. To get the best performance, you will need to make some adjustments to the software. The list of antivirus software compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2022 are:

  • Norton
  • Avira
  • F-secure
  • Webroot
  • Trend Micro Security
  • McAfee
  • Avast
  • Kaspersky
  • ESET
  • Panda Dome
  • Symantec
  • Sophos

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Professionals

Windows 11 is a powerful upgrade, and with minimum system requirements, you can utilize the potential of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 to the fullest. In case you need help with installation, guidance & training get dedicated support from our QuickBooks desktop support experts via the toll-free helpline mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions about QuickBooks Windows 11 Compatibility

Currently, QuickBooks 2022 (Pro Plus, Premier Pro, Pro, and Enterprise) is compatible with Windows 11When did Microsoft launch windows 11?

On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 was released. 

Will QuickBooks 2020 work with Windows 11?

Currently, QuickBooks 2022 (Pro Plus, Premier Pro, Pro, and Enterprise) is compatible with Windows 11

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