QuickBooks Pro Update Error

Although the QuickBooks Desktop Pro’s latest update has removed some bugs, downloading the QuickBooks Desktop Pro update has given users a headache. In today’s article, we will talk all about the QuickBooks pro update error and how you can fix them. 

How to Fix QuickBooks Pro Update Error?

With the help of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you can easily track and manage your business without any stress. The software lets you manage and organize your company files. But with all its perks, there are some cons to it as well. There are many bugs and viruses that can crush the software.  

Causes of QuickBooks Pro Update Error?

  1. The main reason for this QuickBooks pro update error is the firewall or antivirus that’s been blocking your PC from downloading updates
  2. If your PC has more than one-third QuickBooks desktop version
  3. Slow internet connection 

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Pro Update Error?

QuickBooks pro update error
QuickBooks Pro Update Error Troubleshooting Guide

Way 1: Configure your system’s firewall system/ antivirus

You can try to configure your system’s firewall in two ways. You can run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and open firewall ports automatically, or you can do it manually. Here are the steps: 

  • To begin with, go to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Search for QuickBooks Desktop on the Port Monitor window. 
  • There will be a port number that users are required to have for firewall port exceptions. 

For users who have more than one year of versions of QuickBooks desktop, use the following steps. 

  • Open Windows firewall.
  • And select the advanced settings.
  • Right-click on the Inbound Rules and click on New Rules.
  • After that select the option for the Port then hit Next. 
  • Select TCP. Enter the particular port number for your QuickBooks year version i.e., for QuickBooks Desktop 2019, the port number is 8019, XXXXX.
  • Then hit Next. 
  • Once that is done, hit “Allow the Connection” then Next. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and give the rule and new name. Then Finish it. 
  • Repeat the following steps and this time, instead of choosing the inbound option, choose the outbound rules. 
  • Go to your QuickBooks desktop using multi-user mode. 

Way 2: Manually download and install the updates

You can always download the QuickBooks desktop update manually. There are two options for downloading and installing the updates for QuickBooks desktop 2021.

You can download it directly from the internet, or you can use another PC for accessing the installed file from your computer, or you can copy the file to another PC. 

Download from the Internet:

  • First, go to the QuickBooks official website and open the Downloads & Updates page.
  • Then head to the Select Product drop-down and choose your version of QuickBooks Pro.
  • Click on the ‘Get the latest QuickBooks updates 
  • After that Save or Save File to download the update. 
  • Once the downloading is done, open the file to install the update. 
  • Reboot your computer once the process is done. 

Download the update from another QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Head to the QuickBooks Desktop File menu.
  • Click on Close Company/Logoff. Note that if you have multiple company files that are open, then you need to do this step for each company file. 
  • Close the QuickBooks Window and right-click on the QuickBooks icon 
  • Then select Run as administrator. 
  • After that, go to the help menu and choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit the Option > Mark All > Save. 
  • Then Update Now > Reset Update box > Get Updates. 
  • The update will start and it’s done, you will get a notification on your screen.
  • Then close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, and you will get the ‘install updates’ box, click on Yes. 
  • Once the process ends, restart your computer. 

Way 3: Seek help from an IT professional: 

If the above two mentioned methods don’t help you in any way, you should seek help from IT professionals. Many users don’t know how to configure firewalls. Plus, configuring a windows firewall is an advanced process and checks for any network error in QuickBooks. One mistake can close your entire OS. So it is better to consult with a professional QuickBooks Pro advisor. 

Contact QuickBooks Error Support

These are all the methods you can follow to fix the QuickBooks Pro update error. Make sure to check whether your antivirus software didn’t mark any QuickBooks files as harmful.

Sometimes the default setting of the system that the users set stops QuickBooks from downloading the update. In case you are unable to get rid of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Update Error contact our QuickBooks error support team on our toll-free number.

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