QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus 2021

QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 (Features, Reviews, Updates, Bug Fixes, Integrations, & Comparison with other desktop versions)

Intuit has created the QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 mainly for helping retailers. The other groups to benefit from this software are wholesale and manufacturing units, professional services, and non-profits. Let us consider that you own a retail business. In this case, this tool will help you deal with sales tax liability with ease and even purchase volume by the vendor.

QuickBooks premier plus 2021
QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021

In the same way, wholesale and manufacturing units can get to know the profitability by product and sales volume by customers.

quickbooks premier plus 2021
QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 Dashboard

In short, every business, irrespective of the domain of operation, can benefit from this application.  Of course, before using or getting this tool for your business, you will be interested in understanding its features. Let us begin with gaining some knowledge on the key features of this tool.

Features of QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021

When talking facts about QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021, we should understand the features that this tool offers. Let us start with features that suit non-profits first:

QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 for Non-Profits:

  • Non-profits can create end-of-year donation statements. 
  • They can create Form 990, which means the statement of functional expenses
  • They can run donor contribution summary reports with ease.

Retail Accounting Features:

  • Retail businesses can easily keep track of their sales results with this tool
  • They can stay on top of costs and inventory
  • They can run a profit and loss report with ease.

Manufacturing and Wholesale Accounting Features:

  • Facility to prioritize the orders to fulfill
  • Track profitability by product
  • Track inventory reorder point by vendor

Professional Services Accounting Features:

  • Facility to analyze profitability by project and client
  • Facility to set different billing rates by service, client, and employee
  • Track unbilled expenses and time

Contactor Accounting Features:

  • Create jobs by vendor report
  • Analyze job profitability
  • Create job estimates and track change orders


From the review of this tool, many users are satisfied with how easy this tool is to use. Also, from the review, it is clear that it is easy to learn how to use this tool quickly. Many business representatives were able to complete many tedious accounting jobs with ease due to this tool.


Whenever Intuit releases the latest QuickBooks desktop updates, QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 will get the updates automatically. Also, the team will keep the users posted whenever updates are released. Further, you have the option to manually check for the updates through the tool itself.

Bug Fixes

Whenever an update is released by Intuit, the company makes sure that any bug that was previously notified by users is fixed. The team aims at ensuring that the tool functions optimally for the utmost benefit of businesses and professionals.


The online version of QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021 offers a wide range of add-ons. Also, it offers applications that integrate with ease to automate data entry, invoicing, bookkeeping, workflows, and much more. These integrations streamline business operations for better productivity and workflow.

Also, the users of the online version of this tool can benefit from the improving collection of best-in-class premium applications. They enable access to important financial information for businesses in a single place. With these tools, entrepreneurs need not have to spend hours manually inputting numbers. Rather, these integrations help them with boosting their productivity. 

Comparison With Other Desktop Versions

The user-friendliness makes QuickBooks the most attractive accounting tool for businesses. Be it a small or medium-scale business, the features of this tool make it impressive. So, it would be a good idea to compare this tool with its predecessors to gain an understanding of how improved the 2021 edition. The new edition offers the following new set of features that were not present in the previous versions of this tool:

  • Provides the possibility to create customer groups
  • Possibility to customize payment receipts
  • Facility to send statements automatically
  • Easy management of receipts
  • Improved bank feeds


In short, all versions of this tool are made by Intuit to meet the industry-specific needs of your business. Let us consider that you get operational ease with small business accounting management. Also, when you are able to get payroll management and other such tasks done with this toll, you will automatically focus more on productivity and revenue generation for your business.

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