QuickBooks Payroll Update Error the File Exists

QuickBooks is one of the trusted accounting software that offers an array of features to users. With the help of software, businesses can track and manage their financial transactions without any complications. Just like other software, there are some technical glitches and errors that appear on the software. These errors are inevitable and must be handled with precaution to avoid data loss and software crashes. One such error that haunts the user is the payroll update. You might witness the QuickBooks payroll update error the file exists on different accounting features like downloading payroll updates, paying scheduled liabilities, and more. Follow the article to the end to know the causes and fixation methods of the error.

Reasons of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error the File Exists

There are several reasons for the QuickBooks Payroll update error the file exists. Some of the common and major reasons for the error include:

  • If you are connected to a slow or unstable internet connection, the file exists payroll update error will pop up on the screen.
  • The error also appears when users are using an outdated version of the QuickBooks desktop app.
  • When users do not have access to Windows, payroll update errors are inevitable.
  • The QuickBooks payroll update error the files exists occurs when Windows user User Account control is interfering with the QuickBooks software.
  • When the firewall and internet security settings are impaired, the payroll update error the file exists will appear on the screen.
  • The error message also pops up while installing QuickBooks.

These are some of the major causes of the QuickBooks payroll update error he file exists. Now that you know the causes, it is essential to know about the fixation methods of the error.

Fixation Methods of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error the File Exists

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error the File Exists
Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error The File Exists

There are various fixation methods of the file exits payroll update error. With the help of solutions, you can permanently solve the error and work on the software without any complications. The various fixation methods are:

Allowing Full Control Access to Users

To allows full control access to users, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open the file location of the QuickBooks desktop app 
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks and select the properties option
  • Under the edit option, click on the Add option.
  • Select on the Full Control option
  • Apply the changes and finish the process

Check For QuickBooks Desktop Latest Update

Since the error can appear because of an outdated software version, you must check for the latest version and make necessary updates. To check for the latest update

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click on the product information
  • Search the QuickBooks version along with the year
  • Click on the latest updates under the choice given.
  • Create a folder and save the file
  • Double click on the installation file in order to initiate the update process
  • Restart the system to apply the changes

Re-install QuickBooks Desktop

Sometimes the error exists because of certain app settings. It is advised that you must re-install the QuickBooks desktop app. To re-install the QuickBooks desktop app:

  • Firstly, uninstall the QuickBooks app
  • Download a clean install tool from the official website
  • Use the tool and install the software on your PC

Re-register QuickBooks .DLL and .OCX Using Reboot.Bat File

Follow the steps to re-register the. DLL and.OCX file 

  • Close the application and click on the QB icon
  • Select the Properties option
  • Open the file location and search for the Reboot.Bat file.
  • Once you navigate the file, right-click and run the file as Administrator.
  • Wait till the process is finished.
  • Restart the Windows system to apply the necessary changes and fix the error

Turn Off User Account Control

To turn off user account control in Windows settings, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • From the start menu, click on Control Panel
  • Search for the user’s accounts from the search bar
  • Click on the change user account control settings.
  • Click yes and turn off the UAC option.
  • Lastly, restart your computer system and update QuickBooks payroll.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support Experts

If the error exists after implementing all the fixation methods mentioned above, it is advised that you must contact our QuickBooks error support team for further assistance and support. The experienced team is committed to solving all the issues raised by users quickly and effectively.

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