QuickBooks Network Error

QuickBooks is a robust software for maintaining and arranging all your company books and files in one place. But, it’s not free of error. When you’re trying to download a new QuickBooks desktop update, you may get a QuickBooks network connection error. QuickBooks Network Error is a common connection issue that can occur due to bad internet. We’ll show you how to fix this network error in this article. 

Fix QuickBooks Network Error in Simple Steps

QuickBooks Network Error

QuickBooks Network Error or Firewall error can be terminated using the solution after finding the root cause of the solution. This is a network-related error where it is advisable to first check and try QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool. But before we head to the methods of solving QuickBooks Network Error, here are some prominent reasons behind this error. 

Causes of QuickBooks Network Error

  • The error usually occurs when the QuickBooks system cannot access the internet properly. 
  • It can also be due to the wrong manual SSL setting. 
  • Your windows internet security or firewall settings are not right, which can cause the error.

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  • You have set Internet Explorer as your default browser. 
  • Your internet connection is poor. 
  • Your QuickBooks company files are maybe damaged. 
  • You may not install the software properly. 

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection 

When you are having a network issue, the most common solution to fix this problem would be to check your internet connection. You can check if your QuickBooks software is accessing the internet or not via the QuickBooks Internet Connection Setup.

Follow the instructions below to confirm it: 

  • Go to QuickBooks
  • Hit on the Help” menu bar.
  • Now choose the “Internet Connection Setup” option.
  • From there, ensure that the “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet” option is on.
QuickBooks Network Error
  • Click on Next, then on the Done button again. 
  • Close the software and then go back, and you will see the internet is working just fine. 

Solution 2: Close the Database Server Process from Task Manager

You can close the QuickBooks database server manager process to remove unnecessary errors from QuickBooks. It’s another way to resolve internet issues in your QuickBooks.

Follow the steps below to do it: 

  • Minimize your QuickBooks software
  • Then go to the Windows taskbar
  • Right-click on it and select Task Manager. 
  • There you will find the “Processes” window. 
  • After that, select the Image Name column to check all the entries alphabetically.
  • Hit the qbdbmgrn.exe and then end the process. 
  • Now go back to your software and check if your connection is working properly or not. 

Solution 3: Open Computer Management Window

Another way to solve network errors in QuickBooks is by launching the computer management window. Once you go to the computer management window, you can use QuickBooks desktop without any errors. Here are all the steps to do it: 

  • Click on the Windows menu option. 
  • And from there, select the computer option and then hit the Manage option. 
  • If your computer has secured access, then you need to enter the administrator password. 
  • Once you enter the password, you can check whether you can access QuickBooks with admin rights or not. 

Solution 4: Change The Configure Firewall Settings

Sometimes your Windows firewall may be one of the prominent reasons behind your network error in QuickBooks. It enables an internet connection so that your QuickBooks would not get any server when you are trying to update QuickBooks software.

You can change the configuration of your firewall settings to solve the problem. The steps are: 

  • To begin with, click on the Windows menu button. 
  • And then go to settings. 
  • From there, you can select the control panel option and go to the System and Security tab. 
  • You will notice the Windows firewall option go and hit on it.
  • After that, look for the Advanced Settings option and right-click on the “Inbound Rules” option.
  • Now choose the New Rule option.
  • The next step is to select Programs and click on the Next button. 
  • Choose the This Program Path. 
  • From there, you can look for your QuickBooks file location, click on it and then click the next button. 
  • Hit the Allow the Connection and then again the Next button. 
  • Ensure all the boxes are marked. 
  • Now that’s done, again click the Next Button.
  • You can rename your new rule and click the finish button to complete the process. 

Once you have created new inbound rules, you can also create the outbound rules by following the same methods mentioned above. And once you add all the inbound and outbound rules in your firewall settings, your QuickBooks will get added to the firewall list.

Now launch your QuickBooks software and you see that your internet connection is working just fine. 

Solution 5: Restart Database Server Process

Another reason for getting internet errors in your QuickBooks is maybe you have disabled the database server process.

To fix it, all you have to do is restart it from the computer management window.  

  • Go to the settings and from their heads to the computer management window. 
  • Press on the “+” icon showing next to the 
  • “Services and Applicants” option.
  • After you’ve expanded the section, use the “Services” window to select service options. 
  • Select the Name column. You will get the results alphabetically. 
  • After that, choose the “QuickBooksDB” service.
  • And simply hit on the “Start” button, and once the process is done, close the computer management window and launch QuickBooks.

Contact QuickBooks Experts For Help

Follow the above methods to resolve the network issue in your Quickbooks. But there might be chances that you still will get network errors even after executing all these methods. In that case, you can contact our support team. Our QuickBooks error support number is- +1888-727-4587.

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