QuickBooks Multi-User Setup Guide

QuickBooks is one of the finest desktop accounting software as it lets users manage all the accounting activities in the efficient possible way. It has numerous features, one of which is the multi-user mode, which increases productivity and enhances the QuickBooks experience.

QuickBooks Desktop Multi-User Setup

QuickBooks Multi User Setup Guide
How to setup multi-user mode in QuickBooks desktop 2021

This feature enables multiple users on the same network to access and accomplish the same file simultaneously. If you are wondering how to set up a QuickBooks Desktop multi-user network, then ensure to read this article ahead. 

What Is QuickBooks Desktop Multi-User Network? 

Before you learn how to set up a multi-user network in a QuickBooks desktop, you should first understand what it is. 

Multi-user mode allows multiple operators to work on the same company file simultaneously. This feature saves a lot of time and makes things fast and simple. If you have a large company with many employees, the multi-user mode can be extremely useful for you. However, it should be recorded that in order to set up a multi-user network in QuickBooks Desktop, you must have a distinct licensed copy of the QuickBooks desktop installed in the system.

Steps To Set Up QuickBooks Desktop Multi-User Network 

The steps outlined below will help a QuickBooks user to set up a multi-user network in QuickBooks. 

Step 1 – Download And Install QuickBooks Desktop 

  • Download QuickBooks and then save it to file 
  • Then pick Custom and Network Install for the install type 
  • Select I’ll be using QB Desktop on this computer, and I’ll be storing.. if you want the full version of QB desktop 
  • Then follow the onscreen steps and finish the installation 
  • Now opt for the multi-user host installation 

Step 2 – Switch To QuickBooks Multi-User Hosting 

  • Open QuickBooks software 
  • Then Update QB company file 
  • After that, move to the File and click on Utilities, along with ticking on the host multi-user access 
  • If the earlier hosted multi-user setup is still present, you should proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Configure Firewall and Security Settings For Desktop 

  • Open Start menu and check the firewall 
  • Select windows firewall and click on the advanced settings 
  • Then tick on the inbound rules and then opt for the new rule 
  • Next, click on port and hit Next 
  • Now, check out the TCP option 
  • Then enter the ports required for QuickBooks year version
  • After that, select allow the connection 
  • Then check-mark all the profiles 
  • Enter a name to the rule and click on Finish 
  • Now, you can open QB desktop in multi-user mode 

Step 4 – Set Folder Permissions

  • Right-click on the Folder having the company file 
  • Then go to the properties and select Security 
  • Click on Edit 
  • Now select QBDataServiceUserXX and then opt for Full Control 
  • Then hit Allow button 
  • Click on Apply tab and hit OK 
  • After that, set up windows access permissions to share company files 

Step 5 – Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

  • Click on Start and later the programs and QuickBooks option, respectively 
  • Then click on QuickBooks database server manager 
  • After that, select scan folders 
  • Then tap on Add folder 
  • Now select the Folder containing company file and click on OK 
  • Also, opt for add folder 
  • Now click on scan tab and start the scanning process 
  • Next, click on the close button 

Step 6 – Set Admin Rights 

  • Select Start 
  • Click on settings and then go to accounts option 
  • Then choose family & other users 
  • Now select the I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and add a user without a Microsoft account 
  • Then enter a new name and password
  • Click on Finish 
  • Next, provide the admin permissions to the new user 
  • Once done, select the newly created account and opt for account type 
  • Now select admin tab and then press on OK 

Step 7 – Start With A Company File 

  • Visit QuickBooks file menu 
  • Then select switch to multi-user mode 
  • And hit on Yes in the multi-user set up hosting window 
  • Next, click on OK on the multi-user set up an information window 
  • Then visit the company file and select set up users and password 
  • After that, set up users and then add users 

Wrapping Up

Multi-user mode can be extremely useful in making this process more efficient and smoother. In a nutshell, setting up a QuickBooks Desktop multi-user network is important, especially if you have a large company.

We hope that the information provided above will assist you in quickly setting up multi-user mode on the QuickBooks desktop. However, if you have any queries or facing any issues, contact QuickBooks technical support team. 

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