QuickBooks Migration Tool To Transfer Data to new Desktop

When you start working on QuickBooks, you will see that your company files start to build up. In turn, the space that this tool occupies in your computer will increase. When this happens, your system gets slower. You need to add one more user to your QuickBooks & you need to use the QuickBooks migration tool to transfer data to new desktop.

QuickBooks Migration Tool – For Hassle-Free Data Migration

If you own a small business, you might already be using QuickBooks. This accounting software might be helping you to manage your finances, inventory, clients, vendors, and customers in a single place. So, you might think about moving the old data from QuickBooks desktop to another computer.

QuickBooks Migration Tool To Transfer Data to new Desktop

Thanks to the QuickBooks Migration Tool! It will help you with the easy migration of QuickBooks data from one system to another. Even, you can move data from this tool to online storage space.

Requirements before Using QuickBooks Migrator Tool

You can begin the process of moving files with the QuickBooks Migration Tool only when you have the following things handy:

QuickBooks migration tool
  • A computer to which you should transfer the data. This computer should have internet access
  • An USB Flash Drive with enough space of at least 253 MB to store your company’s QuickBooks files.

How Does the QuickBooks Migration Tool Work?

Of course, you can manually transfer QuickBooks data from one computer to another. However, the QuickBooks migration tool will make things easier and hassle-free for you.

Here is how this tool works:

  1. In the first instance, to use the QuickBooks Migrator Tool, you should have admin credentials.
  2. For a smooth transmission of data, you should create a complex password.
  3. The password you create will aid you with unlocking the data that you intend to transfer to a new computer.
  4. When you decide to migrate, you will need the password that you create. So, when you are ready to begin this process, keep the password available for quick access.
  5. With this tool, you can copy the recently created or accessed three company files. Also, you can transfer these files to a USB Flash Drive.
  6. Here, the flash drive you use will help with the physical transfer of data. However, the technical part is handled by the Migration Tool.
  7. You can get an advantage when you use this tool for the transfer of QuickBooks data as against manual transferring. What is that? It is nothing but the tool will set the files in the appropriate places in the QuickBooks software that you have already installed in the new system. It means that you need not have to search where has the data gone on your new PC.
  8. Also, once the transfer of data is completed, the tool will not format your flash drive. So, other data that you have saved in the flash drive will not be erased by this tool. 

What Type of Data Can Be Handled By QuickBook Migration Tool?

You might be wondering whether this tool can handle all file formats. Here is what it can handle and what it cannot:

What Can Be Transferred?

  • The desktop version of QuickBooks, along with the details required for QuickBooks Installation in the new computer
  • The recently accessed three files from the present computer, including sample files
  • Forms, custom templates, QuickBooks letters and associated files
  • Memorized and Scheduled reports along with the appropriate local attachments
  • Printer Setting files
  • Spelling checker
  • Financial statement designer
  • Cash Flow Projector
  • Loan Manager and Business Planner
  • Statement Writer in the Accountant Version of QuickBooks
  • Advanced reports for QuickBooks Enterprise users.

What Cannot Be Transferred?

  • If you have a multi-user set up in your present computer, you cannot transfer it to the new computer when you use the QuickBooks Migration Tool.
  • The payment and payroll services that are associated with your QuickBooks should not be transferred. The reason is that these services will have your sensitive bank account data. So, to ensure data security, it is better to log in to your new system again when you intend to move data.
  • If you have Intuit Data Protect, uninstall it on the present system. After this, install it in the new system. This move will help you move not just the past three files, but even older files can be transferred from the old to the new computer. Just in case, you do not have the updated version of Intuit Data Protect tool; you can manually transfer the rest of the data using the QuickBooks Migration Tool.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

QuickBooks won’t let you stranded in a single system. You can move your crucial data with ease. Thanks to the QuickBooks Migration Tool! Data transfer becomes easy now! In case you need help from QuickBooks professionals from the QuickBooks data recovery team. Contact our toll-free helpline number on the top.

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