QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 67186429

QuickBooks has allowed businesses to manage and track their accounts without complicated steps and processes. The features and benefits that the accounting software offers are unmatched. However, certain errors and bugs are inevitable, hindering the accounting process.

Fix QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 67186429

One such error is the internet connection error IC 67186429. The error primarily occurs at the time of downloading the payroll update. There are various possible reasons for the error. Follow the article to the end to know the exact cause of the internet connection error IC 67186249 along with fixation methods.

Causes of QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 67186429

quickbooks internet connection error ic 67186429
Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks IC Error 67186429

The three major causes of QuickBooks internet connection error IC 67186429 are:

  • Damaged Company File: If the company file you have created is damaged or does not meet the requirements of QuickBooks, the internet connection error IC 67186429 will appear on the screen
  • Improper Security System Program: Sometimes, the error occurs when the settings of Windows Firewall or third-party anti-virus software does not align with the QuickBooks.
  • Internet Settings: If the internet settings are not compatible with the QuickBooks, the internet connection error IC 67186429 will appear at the time of QuickBooks desktop payroll download.

Essential Requirement for Fixing QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 67186429 

  • Update QuickBooks Desktop App: Before jumping into the fixation methods, it is advised that you must update your QuickBooks Desktop app to the latest version. It is better to turn on the automatic update for the software.
  • Create Company Backup File: It is advised that you must create a company backup file to keep the data safe from any mishappening. To create a company backup file, open QuickBooks and create a local backup option located in the File menu.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 67186429

Some of the solutions to fix the QuickBooks Internet Connection Error IC 6718629 are:

Restart the Computer

One quick and simplest way to fix the error is restarting your computer. To restart the computer:

  • Click on the Start button and scroll to the Power button
  • Select Restart option

Once the restart process is done, download QuickBooks desktop payroll and check for the error. If the IC error still appears, follow the next method.

Verify Security Key

To verify the security key, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the QuickBooks app
  • Click on the Manage Service Key, located under the Employees tab.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Verify that the service key is correct

If the service key entered is incorrect, make the necessary changes and download the payroll again. In case the error appears, follow another method mentioned in the article.

Check Internet Explorer Settings

Sometimes the error IC 67186429 occurs when internet explorer settings do not align with the QuickBooks desktop app. To verify internet explorer settings

  • Visit the internet properties
  • Click on the Advanced tab and navigate to the Security section
  • Check that TLS 1.2 is checked. Also, you must ensure that TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are unchecked.

You can also delete temporary internet files and website files to resolve the error. After checking internet explorer settings, try out the next method if you see the error.

Add Intuit URL as Trusted Website

To add Intuit URL as a trusted website, follow the points mentioned below:

  • Open Internet explorer 
  • Navigate to the Internet options and click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Trusted Sites Icon
  • Add the official website of Intuit to the zone.
  • Click Close and OK

Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

You can install the QuickBooks Tool Hub to diagnose and resolve the error. The tool will automatically detect the causes of the error and resolve the issue. However, if the QuickBooks tool hub does not detect the error, you must try another method.

Reinstall the QuickBooks Software

Before uninstalling the software, you must keep your product ID and license handy. Reinstall the software and try to download the payroll. The method might fix the problem permanently.

Contact QuickBooks Error Support Team for Desktop Errors

If the methods mentioned above do not solve the issue, the problem might be the Windows system of QuickBooks software. It is advised that you must contact our toll-free QuickBooks desktop support team and expert technician to resolve the error.

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