QuickBooks File Doctor – Say Bye to Company file & Network Errors

What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

As the name suggests, it’s file repairing software. It is used in the QuickBooks accounting software. It is used to repair any errors and bugs you may have in the QuickBooks accounting software. To know more about QuickBooks File Doctor, you first need to know what QuickBooks is and what it does.

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks is a financial accounting software. It has been developed by the American company Intuit. Today, companies have grown to much larger scales than anticipated. Companies have clients and vendors from all around the world. The geographical reach of the companies has also increased and many are present in different countries and continents all across the globe. 

This has led to the growing difficulty in tracking the operations of your business. This is where QuickBooks comes handy. It is a financial accounting software that gives you control over your business. It allows you to keep data on the software minimizing human labor. 

It allows many features and is customized according to the requirements of different types of companies. They have different versions like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks enterprise. You can choose according to the need of your organization. Some of the key features provided by QuickBooks are:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Vendor Management
  3. Business Development
  4. Reports Creation
  5. Cloud Access 
  6. Employee Payroll Management

When you are using a software for your business operations, you might face some problems. These problems do not occur on a regular basis. They can due to some errors. This can affect the operations of the business completely as many functions are dependent on it. It could also prove costly if you lose your data and are unable to recover it. 

To address these issues, the QuickBooks File Doctor was launched. It was launched in the year 2012. Later in the subsequent versions, it was built-in into the QuickBooks accounting software itself. It can fix various problems in the software. It can fix issues like when data gets corrupted, any network issues arising in the software, or any issues related to windows.

Download & Install QuickBooks File Doctor for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks File Doctor – Download

QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor is now as a utility in QuickBooks tool hub. Earlier QuickBooks File Doctor for desktop was available as a standalone application. Now recently QuickBooks File doctor is a feature inside tool hub to repair common company file & network errors in QuickBooks desktop.

Download Link for QuickBooks File Doctor (In QuickBooks Tool Hub) – https://dlm2.download.intuit.com/akdlm/SBD/QuickBooks/QBFDT/QuickBooksToolHub.exe

Install & Use QuickBooks File Doctor Utility
  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the above download link
  • Open the downloaded file & follow on-screen options to finish the installation
  • After installation, open the QuickBooks tool hub icon on the desktop
QuickBooks file doctor download
  • After opening QuickBooks tool hub, choose Company file issues option
  • Click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • A download will start & it will take up to 2-3 minutes to launch QuickBooks file doctor
  • Browse the file you want to repair in QuickBooks file doctor

If you are using an older version of QuickBooks desktop i.e. before 2011, QuickBooks file doctor gives option to either repair the file for the use in newer & updated version of QuickBooks or in the existing version of QuickBooks desktop.

QuickBooks file doctor

Issues That Can Be Solved by QuickBooks File Doctor

The following issues can be solved by QuickBooks File Doctor:

QuickBooks File Doctor
  • When you are unable to open a company file
  • When you miss or get a blank list for customers, vendors or employees
  • Damaged company File
QuickBooks file doctor
  • Any networking error when having a multi-user QuickBooks 
quickbooks file doctor
  • There can be errors when you are switching from single-user mode to a multi-user mode
quickbooks file doctor download
  • Sometimes you can get an error that says the company file is on another computer

Versions of QuickBooks File Doctor

There are two versions of the QuickBooks File Doctor. There is the inbuilt one that comes with QuickBooks software and the second is the stand-alone software.

The inbuilt QuickBooks File Doctor was available after the 2014 R5 versions of QuickBooks. However, this inbuilt file doctor has some limitations of its own. It can help in resolving only data-related issues. If you are having any other issue like unable to access company files or any other issue to resolve that, you will need to download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor. 

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Step 1: You need to make sure you have the latest version of QuickBooks File Doctor. In case you have an older version, delete the existing version and install the latest one. 

Step 2: If you need to download the latest version, you can download QuickBooks file doctor from Intuit’s official site.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the software, click on run, and install the software.

Step 4: Once the installation starts, you have to follow the instructions on the screen and complete the installation process.  After the installation is completed, if you could not see the screen, you can open it using the Windows Task-bar or by double-clicking on the icon.

Step 5: After you have opened the QuickBooks file doctor, a screen will pop up. From there, you need to select your company file. Click on the drop down box to browse the options or you can also manually locate it in your hard drive.

Step 6: Once you have selected the company file you want to fix, select the check file damage option only. After that, click on the Diagnose file. This will apply the basic fix if any damage is there. If you face any error while using the accounting software, start the QuickBooks File diagnostics.

Step 7: You will get two options to choose from. Select the one which is in relation to your issue. If you got the -6000 series error or if you see that your company file is damaged, click on option 1. If there are Network problems, click on option two.

Step 8: After you have selected the option you want to go for, you will be prompted to enter the Company File admin Password. After entering the password, click on next.

Step 9: Select the workstation option if you are running the program on the computer of the client. Select Yes and move ahead.

Step 10: Now, QuickBooks File Doctor will start diagnosing the company file. This might take a few minutes.

Step 11: Wait until the diagnosis is over. The time taken for this varies. It depends on the size of the file on how big it is, Local area network speed, and how big the issue is. Do not close or disrupt the process in between.

Step 12: After the repairing process is completed, you will get a message that says success, and then you can close the program.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using QuickBooks File Doctor

Before using the QuickBooks File Doctor, there are a few points that you need to consider:

  1. You have to login as an administrator.
  2. You need to have your PC connected with the internet all time.
  3. The company files you select should not be more than 2gb in size.
  4. If you have too many QuickBooks versions, the diagnosis might not work properly.
  5. If you already have QuickBooks File Doctor from before, you need to delete it and download the latest version.
  6. QuickBooks File Doctor is not compatible with MAC OS.

In today’s scale of business, it is impossible to keep data with the traditional method. It is very time consuming and proves to be costly as well. While accounting software tools may have solved that issue, even they are prone to errors and damages.

A business’s greatest asset is its data and if you lose your data, it could be very costly for you. QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor tries to minimize this risk and is a must for all QuickBooks users to protect their data.

QABUFFS offers desktop accounting software solutions in a comprehensive manner to fix various kinds of errors that delay the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping processes.

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