QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error

QuickBooks is one of the best bookkeeping programs that people use all around the world. It is extremely powerful and allows people to manage their accounts with significant ease, accuracy, and convenience. In this self-help article, we will learn how to repair QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error.

However, like all software, you can run into errors at times due to some underlying problems or glitches when it comes to QuickBooks. Nonetheless, you can easily troubleshoot these errors once you come to grips with exactly what the error is.

What is QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error & How to Fix Event Id 4 Error

quickbooks event id 4 error
QuickBooks event id 4 error Snapshot from Event VWR

One of the most common errors in the QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error. It can be caused due to a variety of reasons, and there are several ways to tell whether you have encountered the aforementioned error or not.

But first, we begin with a step-wise guide to resolving this problem so that those who already know that they’re faced with the error can troubleshoot it quickly and move on with their daily tasks.

What Causes the QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error?

quickbooks event id 4 error
Event ID 4 Error Script Error QuickBooks Desktop

There are several reasons that can cause QuickBooks to malfunction and result in errors.

However, the following are some of the most common reasons which can cause the specific Event Id 4 error.

  • An incomplete installation of QuickBooks is a very usual suspect for such errors. Make sure that you’ve managed a complete install of the program and not left out any key components.
  • Sometimes, files that are necessary for QuickBooks to run smoothly can get corrupted or damaged. The damaged files may be a cause for the error.
  • Some other program or an antivirus has removed some essential QuickBooks files that can cause the program to malfunction.
  • QuickBooks may also fail to function effectively if your computer becomes infected with malware, or a virus for that matter.
  • An error in the Windows Registry can also be the cause of the Event Id 4 error.

How to Fix QuickBooks Event ID 4 Error Step by Step Instructions)

QuickBooks event id 4 error
QuickBooks Event ID 4 Error [Basic Troubleshooting Guide]

Method 1: Update the Software

QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error
QuickBooks Update Service to Fix QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error

There are two methods to solve QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error. Following are the steps for the first method.

  1. Log in to QuickBooks and make sure it is updated to its latest release. If not, update it.
  2. If the update fails or if QuickBooks crashes before you can make the update, download it from Intuit’s QuickBooks website.
  3. Head to the Intuit website, and download QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool.
  4. Close all programs on your computer, and run the diagnostic tool.
  5. Next, restart your computer.
  6. See if you’re still having the QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error or not.
  7. If the error still seems to persist, then follow the second method to solve the problem.

Method 2: How to Fix QuickBooks Event Id 4 Error

If the first method didn’t solve the problem, then try the following steps to make sure it is resolved.

  1. Access your computer with your administrator account.
  2. Press the Windows key and R key simultaneously to start the ‘Run’ program.
  3. Next, type in ‘Control’ in the Run dialog box to open the ‘Control Panel’.
  4. You can alternatively type ‘Control Panel’ in the search box to access it as well.
  5. Now access the ‘Add or Remove’ programs window, and you will see a list of programs that are installed on your PC.
  6. In the list, look for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, and click on it to make sure it is highlighted.
  7. Next, uninstall it.
  8. Once the .NET Framework 4.0 has successfully uninstalled, restart your computer.
  9. After restarting your computer, open the ‘Run’ program with the method mentioned in Step number 2.
  10. Open the ‘Control Panel’ as shown in Step 3.
  11. Open the Add/Remove Programs window, once more.
  12. Click Add/Remove features to view your windows feature screen.
  13. In the window feature screen, click on .NET framework in the windows feature screen so that Microsoft .NET 3.5 is visible.
  14. Make sure to place checkmarks on the second and first options both.
  15. Install Microsoft .NET 3.5 on your computer by clicking on the ‘Ok’ button.
  16. Press the ‘finished’ button once the .NET framework 3.5 installation is completed.
  17. Restart your computer, and check if the error still persists.

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In case the error continues to persist even after you’ve tested out both these methods to troubleshoot it, then you’ll have to make a fresh install of QuickBooks on your PC altogether.

Contact QuickBooks Error Support for Event ID 4 Error Repair in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks script error can be caused by a multitude of reasons, as mentioned above. However, the solution to solving these errors remains the same as already outlined in the two methods described above in detail.

In case you need professional help contact the QuickBooks desktop support number or simply tap on the chat support box for help.

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