QuickBooks Error 6105

QuickBooks Error 6105 can be very annoying at times when users are trying to condense their QuickBooks data. QuickBooks is advanced accounting software that lets its users arrange and manage all the business-related files with the help of its various features and tools.

Users can work on many large company files, plus the software has multiple segregations. So while you are working on QuickBooks, make sure that your company files are compressed and safely stored in the system drive.

How To Fix Quickbooks Company File Error 6105

However, sometimes many bugs can cause some errors in QuickBooks files. QuickBooks error code 6105 is one of those errors. Today’s article will talk about error code 6105 and how you can solve the error by following six different methods.

What is QuickBooks Error 6105?

QuickBooks error 6105
Fix QuickBooks Error 6105 (Updated Troubleshooting Steps)

QuickBooks Error 6105, also called a condensed data error is a very common QuickBooks error that happens when the company file gets broken or damaged during compressing.

Users sometimes create space by archiving company files since they can no longer compress company files. That’s when the error occurs, you may receive a warning message on your screen:

 “QuickBooks Error: -6105, -1005 during condense. Unspecified error 80004005 or 80004003.”

If you get this error code, that means some of your company files inside QuickBooks are broken or damaged, which means that you will no longer be able to compress your company files.

In such cases, those files may get saved in your system’s memory, creating a shortage of space on the disk. 

Reasons behind the QuickBooks error code 6105:

Before we go over the instructions to fix the issue, let’s look at the reason for this error code occurrence. 

  1. The error can come up when you compress some damaged or broken company files. 
  2. The error can also occur if your QuickBooks application is not installed correctly or is not original. 
  3. The error can also come up if you can’t find your company files within the system. 

How to fix QuickBooks company file error 6105:

Option 1: Restart your PC

Some QuickBooks errors can be resolved if you just reboot your computer. Once you reboot your computer, all your applications get forced to stop, and all the third-party applications which are active in the background will be closed as well.

So QuickBooks error 6105 also gets resolved after you reboot your system for once. However, if the error still remains, try following the other options. 

Option 2: Verify whether your company file is installed correctly or not

  • To do that, open and log into QuickBooks with an admin account. 
  • Open the company file that you may think is damaged. 
  • Right click on the file, and you’ll see a utility option. 
  • Select the option, and the system will create a backup for that company file
  • After that, select that file and check the host to see if the file is damaged or not

Option 3: Reinstall the application

Another reason behind QuickBooks error 6105 could be due to viruses and bugs. In which case, you may want to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks desktop application. 

  • Simply go to the control panel > Programs and Features and uninstall the software. 
  • After that, find the QuickBooks Desktop.exe file and reinstall it. 

Option 4: Use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Service

If your quick book company file is damaged or corrupted, you can try using QuickBooks auto data recovery service to fix the issue. You can install it from the QuickBooks tool hub or the Internet. 

Option 5: Run QuickBooks desktop as Admin

While installing QuickBooks, many users sign in with a user account instead of an admin account. Log into QuickBooks with the admin account to stop files from getting damaged. 

Close the application and then right-click on the QuickBooks desktop icon. After that, run as admin, and that’s pretty much it. 

Option 6: Rename the company file

You can try to rename the company file by copying it to your desktop and opening it in QuickBooks, then renaming it from .TLG file to.TLG1 file. After that, simply restart the application, and you are good to go. 

Contact QuickBooks Error Support Experts

Try to follow these simple instructions to solve the error code 6105. However, if the issue still remains, you should seek expert help by dialing the QuickBooks error support phone number on the right top of this support site.

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