QuickBooks Error 59

What is QuickBooks Error 59 & How to Fix it?

QuickBooks Error 59 will bring your accounting work to a halt. You must address the problem so that QuickBooks is up and running once again. The problem may occur when you were trying to install updates. The problem may also appear if you were working on QuickBooks when your system shut down or restarted. If you try to access your company file, you will notice the error and you will not be able to work on the file any longer.

QuickBooks Error 59
QuickBooks Error 59 & How to Fix it?

If you face this error, our team of QuickBooks experts is just a phone call away. Our toll-free number is +1-888-300-6790. You can contact us for troubleshooting and step-by-step guidance to resolve the problem.  

On the other hand, if you are a confident Windows user, then you can follow these solutions, which are known to have helped many users. These are tested solutions that can resolve QuickBooks Error 59.  

Let us first look at the Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 59

  • If the error tool place at the time of installing updates, then it is possible that the download would not have completed properly or the downloaded file may be damaged.  
  • It is also possible that your system’s third-party applications like the anti-spyware and anti-malware software may be hindering the installation.  
  • Some Windows files may be damaged which may be causing the installation to fail 
  • An Intuit program would be in use when your computer shuts down and would have damaged the files which were in use.  

Steps to Repair QuickBooks Error 59

Solution 1 – Restart QuickBooks 

An easy way to solve the problem if it appears for a QuickBooks program that is already installed on the computer is to restart the program. Close the program and open it again to check if QuickBooks error 59 reappears. In some cases, minor file errors in QuickBooks are handled when the program is restarted. 

Solution 2 -Delete and recreate .nd file if you are on a network 

The Network Descriptor file stores information about the hosting computer. This file may have been damaged or corrupted which can cause the error. 

  • From the hosting computer, press the Windows key and search for QuickBooks Database Server Manager. 
  • Choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager app from the search results.   
  • Your company files may automatically be populated on the app. But if you do not see the company files, then click on ‘Add Folder’. 
  • Choose all the folders with company files 
  • Once you have successfully added the folders, click on ‘Scan’. This will allow the files to be found on workstations when you try to access the company files from a workstation computer connected to the network. 
  • When the scan is completed, the company files will show up under the section that says, ‘QuickBooks company files found’. Click on ‘Close’ 
  • To verify that the files have been successfully scanned, visit the folder with the company file. Check for a file with ‘.band’ extension created in the folder. If you have more than one company files then check all folders with the respective company files for the ‘.band’ file. 

If you are on a network and the hosting computer does not have QuickBooks Database Server Manager then you will have to uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall it. At the time of reinstallation, you must choose the option that says, ‘I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer, and I’ll be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network’. 

Solution 3 – Make sure multi-user access is off if you are on a network 

This step should be carried out from the workstation computer and not the hosting computer. The aim is to stop using a workstation computer to host multi-user access. 

  •  Open QuickBooks and click on ‘File’ 
  • Select ‘Utilities’ from the file menu
  • Now check if you see the option ‘Stop hosting multi-user access’. Click on it to disable hosting multi-user access from the workstation computer.  
  • On the other hand, if you see ‘Host multi-user access’ then do not make any changes and do not click on it, or else the workstation computer will start hosting multi-user access.  

If you have disabled multi-user access then open QuickBooks and access your company file to check if the problem has been resolved.  

Solution 4 – Open the Company file using the UNC path if you are on a network 

QuickBooks experts advise users to connect to a network using wired connections. Sometimes, problems arising with QuickBooks can be solved by opening the company file using the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) Path. 

  • From the workstation computer, Open QuickBooks 
  • Click on ‘File’ 
  • Choose the option ‘Open or Restore Company’ from the file menu 
  • Click on ‘Open a Company File’ and then click ‘Next’ 
  • When the company window opens, look for ‘My Network Places on the left pane of the window.  
  • Double click on the entire network and then navigate to the location on your server which stores the company file.  
  • Once the location has been selected, click on ‘Open’ 

 Solution 5 – Run the QuickBooks Fix My Program tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub 

The QuickBooks Tool Hub has a lot of tools that have been designed to fix known problems and errors. You must install the QuickBooks Tool Hub to access all the tools in it. Users find the tool hub to be extremely helpful since it can automate a lot of troubleshooting and easily solve problems that may otherwise require time and effort.  

  • Close all QuickBooks programs 
  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub. Make sure the file is downloaded to an easily accessible location like your desktop or the downloads folder. Once the file has been downloaded, double click on it to begin the installation. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the installation. When the installation completes, you will see an icon for QuickBooks Tool Hub on your desktop. Double click on the icon to open the tool hub. If you do not see the icon the click on the Windows icon and type in ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ in the search bar. Click on the tool hub app from the search results.  
  • On the left panel of the tool hub, fin ‘Program Problems’ and click on it. 
  • Then click on ‘Quick Fix My Program’ 
  • All the tools to run a check on the program files to identify problems and correct them.  

Once the scan is complete, open QuickBooks and check if the problem has been fixed. 

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Solution 6 – Run the QuickBooks File Doctor from the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

If the problem persists then you can use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool which is also a part of the QuickBooks Tool Hub to run deeper troubleshooting and scanning of files. This tool will check all third-party files which may be interacting with QuickBooks and could possibly cause a problem. It also fixes problems in the company file.  

  • Close all QuickBooks Programs, and open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.  
  • Click on ‘Company File Issues’ from the left panel  Click on the button saying ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’ 
  • Once the scan is complete you may either see that the file doctor found no problems or I may ask you to resolve problems with the company file by following any of these steps:  
  • Repair the company file following the steps outlined by the tool 
  • Restore a newly backed up company file and manually update the file with the latest transactions 
  • Use the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool to recover lost data 
  • Send the file to the QuickBooks Data Recovery team. You will then have to contact the data recovery team and check for the cost of data recovery by QuickBooks professionals.  

If you get the option to repair or restore the file, then follow the prompts and complete the repair or restore. Then open your QuickBooks file and check if the problem has been resolved.  

Solution 7 – Uninstall and install QuickBooks File

If you continue to see QuickBooks Error 59 on a standalone computer then other causes of the problem may be that you do not have adequate permissions to access the file, or the QuickBooks file may be corrupted. You may have to uninstall and install your QuickBooks file again after backing up your company file.  

It may require you to have advanced knowledge of using Microsoft Windows and troubleshooting problems. If you are not a confident user, then it is ideal to avoid going further with troubleshooting and getting professional help to solve the problem. Permission issues may require you to give the right permissions to different folders which have QuickBooks stored in them.  

Alternatively, reinstallation will require you to completely remove old QuickBooks files from your computer before you begin to install QuickBooks desktop all over again. This is known as a clean install. Our team of QuickBooks experts will help you solve the problem by guiding you step by step. 

Contact QuickBooks Experts To Resolve QuickBooks Error 59

Call us on our toll-free number +1-888-300-6790 for QuickBooks support and our representatives will help you quickly resolve QuickBooks Error Code 59 and return to your usual accounting work in no time. We also keep your data in mind ensuring that there are the least problems related to data loss from your company file.  

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