QuickBooks Error 175305

QuickBooks software has been developed to make everyday accounting and business transactions simple and easy to maintain. However, there are certain errors that haunt the users while working on the software. One such error is the QuickBooks Error 175305.

The error is associated with QuickBooks POS. If you have brief knowledge about QuickBooks, you can solve many QuickBooks Point of Sale errors with simple troubleshooting.

The QuickBooks Error 175305 is a processing error and you can view the log to know more details about the error. Here, we will mention the causes, effects, and fixation methods of the QuickBooks Error 175305.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 175305

There are various causes of the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 175305. Users might fail to receive mailbags during the QuickBooks store exchange process because of the reasons mentioned below:

  • When the files with the.QBT extensions are damaged or corrupted, QuickBooks Error 175305 will pop on the screen.’
  • The Windows version you are using for QuickBooks is not compatible with the POS feature.
  • The error also occurs when important QuickBooks actions or files are blocked by Windows firewall or antivirus programs. 
  • When you are not signed as Admin, the QuickBooks error 175305 appears on the screen.
  • The error 175305 also occurs when a certain virus or malware damages the QuickBooks files.
  • When you try to access the mailbag from one headquarter file to another, you might witness the error 175305
  • A mismatch between the store exchange password in the remote store and the HQ leads to QuickBook Error 175305. 
  • QuickBooks Error 175305 also occurs in case of improper multi-store preferences.

These are some of the major causes that result in error 175305.

Easy Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 175305

QuickBooks Error 175305
Best Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error 175305

As soon as you encounter the QuickBooks Error 175305, you must resolve the error to avoid future complications and data loss in the worst-case scenario. The various methods that you can use to resolve the QuickBooks error 175305 are mentioned below.

Change the Store Exchange Communication Method

The most effective method to resolve error 175305 is changing the store exchange communication method. The steps to follow are listed below:

  • Navigate to the File menu and select Preferences, and then click on the Company option
  • Under the Multi-store option, click on the Store Exchange option.
  • As you click on the option, note down the Current Preferences.
  • For every individual store, select the Not Used option and save the changes.
  • Re-open the company preferences window and enter the original company preference
  • Next, check the second cycle of Store Exchange. 

If the error still occurs, move to the second method to resolve the issue.

Reset and Change Password of All Stores

To change the POS password of all stores, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Under the File menu, select Preferences and click on the Company option
  • In the multi-store option, select the Store Exchange option. 
  • Tap on the Options tab
  • Click on the Change Password 
  • Perform the next cycle of store exchange

You must note that all the passwords must be the same to avoid the hassle.

Find and Delete .QBT Files From HQ Store

To find and delete.QBT files, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Navigate to C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale x.x\Stex‘ in the server
  • Right-click on the.QBT file and Delete
  • Navigate to the second cycle of Store Exchange

To find .QBT files open Windows explorer and type ‘.QBT’ and press Enter key. If you still see the error pop on your screen, move ahead to the next method.

Run QuickBooks POS in Compatibility Mode (Windows 7 Users Only) 

This method is only applicable for Windows 7 users. By running the POS in compatibility mode, you can resolve the error. The process required for the method are:

  • Close Point of Sale
  • Right-click on the POS icon and select the troubleshoot program.
  • Select all the recommended settings to run POS in compatibility mode
  • Perform the next cycle of store exchange mentioned in previous steps

Get in touch with Error Support Experts

You can also perform the three-cycle store exchange to resolve the QuickBooks Error 175305. If you still see the error after trying all the methods mentioned in the article, it is advised that you must contact the team of QuickBooks POS error support to resolve the issue.

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