QuickBooks Error 16389

QuickBooks accounting software has extensively garnered colossal support from small and medium scale businesses. Accounting software has emerged as one of the most accessible software for businesses to manage their accounting transactions. Quickbooks Desktop 2022 has certain features like advanced inventory, payroll, customizable reports, bill payments, and more. However, there are certain errors that appear on the screen when users try to utilize the features. QuickBooks Error 16389 is one such error that can occur while working on the payroll feature. Read the article to the end to know more about the causes and troubleshooting methods of QuickBooks Error 16389.

What is QuickBooks Error 16389?

In simple terms, QuickBooks error 16389 appears when users try to update the payroll taxes. All the features related to payroll are blocked when the error is present in the system. The major cause behind the error is the outdated version of QuickBooks. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error 16389

QuickBooks Error 16389

There are various causes of QuickBooks error 16389. Since there are different triggers that activate the error in the software, it becomes essential to know the causes in detail.

Some of the major causes of QuickBooks error 16389 are:

  • QuickBooks is not updated to the latest version
  • When QuickBooks is not installed properly
  • When certain malware and viruses delete important QuickBooks files
  • When specific Windows components are damaged
  • All the important QuickBooks files are blocked. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 16389 

Some of the symptoms associated with QuickBooks error 16389 are:

  • QuickBooks will crash at frequent intervals
  • The inputs from the mouse and keyboard will become slow
  • Windows system will stop responding to specific commands
  • QuickBooks will close automatically with the error message 16389

If you see any of the symptoms, you must troubleshoot the error 16389 quickly and avoid any data loss.

Backup QuickBooks Data

It is advised that before troubleshooting the error 16389, users must create a backup of their QuickBooks company data. The backup will ensure that data is safe in case of mishappenings. To create a backup of the company file in QuickBooks, follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to the File menu
  • Click on the Backup option and click on the Local Backup tab
  • Under the options, select the desired space where you want to back up the data
  • Click OK and select the Next button
  • Click on Finish to initiate the Backup process.
QuickBooks Error 16389

Once the backup is finished, use the methods listed below to fix the issue.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 16389 Step by Step

There are different ways that you can use to fix the error 16389. It is advised that you must try the error one by one and see whether the error is fixed. To solve the error, follow the methods.

Update QuickBooks 

An outdated version of QuickBooks is one of the major causes of QuickBooks error 16389. To update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version, follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to the Help menu.
  • Click on the Update QuickBooks tab
QuickBooks Error 16389
  • Under the options tab, mark all the options
  • Click save
  • Checkmark the Reset Update box and click Get Updates

Once your QuickBooks desktop update is finished, check for the error. If the payroll error still exists, try the next method.

Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is the finest utility tool that aids users in solving various QuickBooks errors. In the latest versions of QuickBooks, the tool is integrated into the software.

If you are using an older version of QuickBooks, download the tool to fix the error 16389. 

  • Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official website of Intuit
  • Extract the installer package and follow the steps on the screen
  • Read and agree to all the terms and conditions of the tool
  • Once the QuickBooks Tool Hub is downloaded, you can use the advanced tab to resolve the issue
QuickBooks Error 16389

Contact Error Support

If both the methods mentioned above do not fix the issue, it might be an indication of some underlying technical issue. You must contact our 24/7 QuickBooks error support team to resolve the issue. Contact our expert team at +1844-474-6287. 

Error 16389 FAQs

What is QuickBooks Error 16389?

QuickBooks error 16389 occurs when users work on the outdated version of QuickBooks and update payroll taxes.

Does QuickBooks Tool Hub Solve Company File Error?

Yes, QuickBooks Tool Hub can solve a different set of errors, including company file errors.

Does QuickBooks offer 24/7 support?

Yes. QuickBooks offer 24/7 support to users who face technical issue while working on the desktop software.

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