QuickBooks Error 15203

QuickBooks error 15203 usually refers to problems with the operating system, the solutions are also focused on the same. Find out how you come across the error code in QuickBooks and its solutions in detail below.

QuickBooks Error 15203
QuickBooks Error 15203

QuickBooks Error 15203 & How to Fix it?

Users who get QuickBooks Error 15203 would be working on a Windows operating system with a hexadecimal partition. This error is related to problems with the partition rather than problems with your QuickBooks file. The hexadecimal partition is a type of partition used by computer programmers on Windows operating systems.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 15203

Users who ended up with this error on their screen were able to identify one or more of the following as a possible cause for the error:

  1. The problem could be caused by incomplete software installation or hardware drivers that may have been corrupted or deleted. It is also possible that a recently installed software program may have gone rogue, causing problems for other software programs on the computer. Many users who have problems with virus or malware may face this problem as well because the virus may corrupt files on installed software programs as well as the operating system.
  2. Your computer may have insufficient RAM, which can cause the operating system to become unstable and cause errors. RAM or Random-Access Memory is crucial for your operating system to function properly.
  3. It is also possible that your computer may have insufficient disk space. If you are installing QuickBooks, then you may end up seeing errors, or if you have QuickBooks installed and are trying to save the company file then you may see errors because there isn’t enough space on your computer for the files to be saved. Inadequate disk space can also cause the OS to become unstable and cause errors or slow down.
  4. Users who have installed memory management programs may end up with memory mismanagement if the software program does not function properly. Alternatively, the problem may also occur if you do not have a memory management program, but your system memory has corrupted.
  5. Your QuickBooks software program may have corrupt or damaged files, which may lead to this problem. These damaged files may make it impossible for the program to access other QuickBooks related files necessary for the program to function smoothly.

In most cases, the problem lies with your Windows OS and the memory space on your computer. This is the reason why it is important to check the amount of memory used up and the amount of free space available on your computer.

By carrying out these steps, you will be able to identify if the problem really lies with the memory or not.

Follow these steps to find out your system’s RAM availability:

  • Type ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar located on the taskbar
  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ on the search results, and it will open a new window showing the control panel.
  • From the top right, choose the ‘View by’ option as ‘category’
  • Click on ‘System and Security
  • On the next page, look for ‘System’ and click on it. This will show you your system information, which will include details about the RAM. It will tell you how much RAM is available on your system and how much is usable. If the amount of usable RAM is very low as compared to the total RAM for your system, then this is the source of the error.

Analyse RAM To Fix QuickBooks Error 15203

Solving RAM problems will require a Microsoft Windows expert to work with you. It could be caused by rogue programs, viruses, or malware on your system, or it may be the case of extensive software programs being installed on your system and used at the same time.

On the other hand, if the RAM does not seem to be a problem for error 15203 in QuickBooks, then we must check the disk space and ensure that you have adequate disk space on your computer to run QuickBooks smoothly.

You can check the total amount of space on your Windows computer by following these steps:

  • Type ‘Settings’ in the search bar on your taskbar
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ app
  • Go to ‘Storage’ from the left side menu

You will see details of your system’s disk space and how much space has been used up. This can help you figure out if your system hard drive already has very little space, which may make it difficult to process information quickly and accurately for your software program. There are several ways in which disk space can be cleared up. Microsoft offers details through its knowledge base, or you can talk to a Microsoft representative for help in freeing up some disk space on your computer.

Alternatively, if you have enough disk space, then we can be sure that your computer’s disk space is not causing any problems.

Keeping these in mind, let us look at the solutions for QuickBooks Error 15203:

Solution 1 – Restart your computer

Most memory-related problems on a computer can be solved by simply restarting your computer. Close all open programs on your computer and restart the computer. Once the computer restarts, trying using QuickBooks to check if the problem has been solved.

Solution 2 – Uninstall Any memory management problem from your computer

If you use a memory management program, then uninstall the program and check if the problem has been resolved. To uninstall any programs, you can follow these steps:

  • Type ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar
  • Click on Control Panel and then click on ‘Uninstall a program’ under the Programs section. Alternatively, you may find this under ‘Programs and features’
  • Look for the memory management program you use and click on Uninstall
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation

Once the program is uninstalled, check if QuickBooks gets back to working properly.

Solution 3 – Install QuickBooks Tool Hub and fix QuickBooks Error 15203

Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub to solve common problems that you may face with the QuickBooks program. The tool hub has a lot of tools that can be used to fix problems with the Company file, the entire program, or to solve installation issues related to QuickBooks. Once the file is downloaded, you will have to install it on your computer by double-clicking on the downloaded file. After the installation is complete, the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon will be present on your desktop.

In some cases, based on your computer settings, the icon may not show up on your desktop. In this case, when the installation is complete, you must search for ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ in the search bar on the taskbar. Double click on the icon to open the tool hub.

  • The tool hub will present a number of options on the left side. Click on ‘Program Problems’
  • This will bring you to a screen that will show you different options for fixing any problems with your program.
  • The first option is to click on the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ button. This tool will scan your QuickBooks program and try to repair damaged files. It could take about a minute to complete the process. Once the tool is run and finished the repair, open QuickBooks and check if the error has been resolved.
  • If the error persists, then click on the ‘QuickBooks Program Diagnostics Tool’. This is a tool that will conduct an in-depth analysis of your QuickBooks programs and files. It will try to check if there are problems with the file, and then it will repair any damages that it comes across. The estimated time for completing the diagnostics is 20 minutes. Once the scan is complete and the repair is done, you can close the QuickBooks Tool Hub and check if the error has been resolved.

The tool hub can also be used to fix installation problems for your QuickBooks if the error occurred during the installation of your QuickBooks software program. To fix installation problems, you must go to the Installation Issues tab and select the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’.

Solution 4: Restore your system to the last known good configuration to get rid of QuickBooks error 15203

This is a procedure that will involve a high-level understanding of the computer because a system restores causes some of the files to be deleted. Follow this solution only if you are sure of how to carry out a system restore and are an advanced Windows user.

  • Type Control Panel on the system search bar
  • Click on the ‘Control Panel’ app.
  • Click on the ‘View by’ options and choose small/large apps
  • Then select ‘Backup and Restore’
  • On the next screen, you will find an option that says ‘Restore my files’
  • Click on it and choose the backup from which you would like to restore your files.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the restoration of your system to the last backup chosen by you.

This will delete any files that may have been created since the last backup. You will permanently lose these files.

Contact QuickBooks Experts to Fix QuickBooks Error 15203

If you have important files that you cannot lose, then it is ideal not to carry out a system restore and instead speak to a QuickBooks professional for help.

You can call on +1-888-300-6790 and talk to the team of QuickBooks experts to solve problems like the QuickBooks Error 15203.

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