QuickBooks Error 106

QuickBooks accounting software is globally used by small and medium-scale businesses to manage their accounting transactions. The software is packed with advanced payroll, inventory management, expense tracking, and various other features to provide a hassle-free experience to businesses. Sometimes, there are specific errors that appear on the screen. While working on the banking features, users might encounter QuickBooks Error 106. Let’s discuss the causes and fixation methods of the QuickBooks error code 106.

What is QuickBooks Error 106?

QuickBooks error 106 is related to the banking error where users try to log in to the financial institution’s website but do not find their account. When the error code appears, users find it difficult to perform any online transactions and connect with the bank for various purposes.

quickbooks error 106

Causes of QuickBooks Error 106

Many factors cause QuickBooks Error 106. Once users understand the cause of the error, the troubleshooting method becomes easy and hassle-free. Some of the significant causes of QuickBooks error 106 are:

  • When the bank server is compromised, the error 106 will appear on the screen.
  • An outdated version of QuickBooks also leads to QuickBooks error 106
  • When a virus or malware attacks the computer system and important files are damaged, the error will pop on the screen.
  • When bank details are changed, the error code 106 is inevitable.
  • When important QuickBooks files are corrupted or damaged, error 106 will become a hurdle while working on the software.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 106

Some of the symptoms of QuickBooks error 106 are:

  • QuickBooks performance of the system is reduced which leads to QuickBooks performance issues.
  • The inputs from the mouse and keyboard become slow.
  • QuickBooks frequently crashes at regular intervals.
  • The error code 106 pops on the screen, and the system crashes.
  • Users do not get access to the financial institution’s official website.

Troubleshooting Methods of QuickBooks Error 106

The QuickBooks error 106 can be resolved in multiple ways. Users must try the fixation methods and check for errors. You can use the fixation methods mentioned below to fix the error quickly. 

Allow Financial Management Tool Access

To allow financial management tool access, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your bank account using the credentials.
QuickBooks Error 106
  • Once opened, navigate to Customer Service.
  • Click on My Information located in the Service Centre menu.
  • Select Allow Financial Management Tool Access
  • Turn on the Settings and finish the process.

Open QuickBooks and check for the error code 106. If the banking error still exists, try the following method.

Disconnect the Account With Error

To disconnect the account with the error code, follow the points listed below:

  • Navigate to the Transactions option and select the Banking option
  • Select the desired account that you wish to eliminate
  • Click on the pencil icon located next to the bank info.
QuickBooks Error 106
  • Click on the Edit account info.
  • Next, tick the box beside Disconnect this account save option. 
  • Finish the process and check for the error

If you still see the error on the screen, jump to the next method.

Refresh Bank Details From QuickBooks

To refresh bank details from QuickBooks, follow the chronological steps below.

  • Log in using the credentials and navigate to the Menu option.
  • Inside the Menu, click the banking option, among other options.
  • Click on the Update button.
QuickBooks Error 106

Once you click on the update option, the bank details will be refreshed. Check for error code 106. If the banking error still appears, try the next method.

Update QuickBooks to the Latest Version

Sometimes the error code 106 appears when the bank has made changes that are not compatible with the older versions of QuickBooks. To update QuickBooks to the newest version, follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to the Help menu.
  • Select the option update QuickBooks desktop
  • Select the new updates to get started
  • When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks to save the changes
QuickBooks Error 106


If you still see the error in the new version of QuickBooks, it is speculated that the error is caused by a technical glitch. You must reach out to our QuickBooks error support team anytime for any assistance. The team can help users with any QuickBooks error.

QuickBooks Error 106 FAQs

What is QuickBooks Error 106?

QuickBooks error 106 is related to the banking error where users try to log in to the financial institution’s website but do not find their account.

Should I Back Up My Data Before Fixing the Error 106?

Yes, you should back up your company file before fixing error 106 to avoid any data loss. 

How To Contact QuickBooks Error Support Team?

You can reach out to the QuickBooks error support team on +1888-727-4587

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