QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Error

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the best solutions for medium and large-scale businesses for accounting purposes. QuickBooks desktop enterprise accounting software allows the user to adapt to changing needs of the business. With the help of software, you can manage inventory, track sales and journalize the entire financial transactions. However, there are certain unexpected errors that appear on the screen. Follow the article to the end to know more about the QuickBooks Enterprise unexpected error.

QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Error

List of QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Errors

There are various unexpected errors that occur due to various reasons. Some of the prominent errors that appear in QuickBooks Enterprise are:

Error Code 3371

The QuickBooks error code 3371 is linked with license issues. When the system fails to read the license of the software, errors appear on the screen. Since the license details are stored in the hard drive, sometimes the data might be damaged, which leads to license errors.

Error Code 6000 80

The QuickBooks error -6000 -80 is associated with the company file. When your company file is damaged or corrupted, users witness the error code of their enterprise version.

Error Code 404

The error code appears when the QuickBooks desktop cannot connect with Intuit servers. The server errors are common in both QuickBooks Enterprise desktop and online versions.

Error Code 6189 and 816

These are two of the most common errors users face while working on the QuickBooks enterprise version. Both the errors happen because of run-time errors that create blunders for users. Also, the error occurs when you try the multi-user mode in QuickBooks.

Error Code 6129

The error code 6129 occurs because of multiple reasons. When the client domain and server are mismatched, or the company file is corrupted, the error code appears on the screen.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Enterprise Errors

When the accounting software has some errors, you might witness some unusual symptoms. Some of the symptoms of QuickBooks Errors are:

  • The windows system states crashing frequently
  • Inputs from the mouse and keyboard are delayed on the screen.
  • QuickBooks crashes multiple times.
Fix QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Error
  • The windows system freezes frequently.

If your witness any of the symptoms, you must immediately resort to fixation methods to avoid any data loss.

Fixation Methods of QuickBooks Enterprise Errors 

Since there are different causes of QuickBooks Enterprise errors, it is advised that you must try different fixation methods to resolve the issue and avoid any future complications. Some of the best fixation methods of QuickBooks Enterprise errors are listed below.

Run QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a great utility tool that offers solutions to issues like QuickBooks Enterprise unexpected error, install error, etc faced by users while working on QuickBooks. The latest version of QuickBooks comes with a pre-installed tool hub in the software.

If you want to download the utility tool in an older version, follow the steps below:

Fix QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Error Solution
  • Visit the webpage of Intuit and download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Agree to all the shown terms and conditions and install the utility tool
  • In the tool, you will find various tabs such as installation issues, company file issues, and more. Click on the specific tab that is linked with your error code.
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub will automatically resolve the issue.

If the error still exists, follow the next method.

Update Windows Manually

Sometimes an unexpected error happens when the Windows is not updated correctly. The errors can be fixed by updating the Windows manually. To update Windows manually, follow the points below:

Fix QuickBooks Enterprise Unexpected Error Solved
  • Navigate to the Windows button and click on the All Programs button 
  • Click on the Windows Update button.
  • Find and select the newest update. 

Once the Windows is updated, check for errors. If the error still exists, follow another method.

Clean Installation of QuickBooks Software

You can clean install the QuickBooks software using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Follow the points below to clean install the software.

  • Download and install the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Open the utility tool and navigate to the installation issues tab.
  • Under installation issues, you will see two options which are QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and clean install.
  • Click on the clean install tool to initiate the process.
  • Wait for the clean install process to finish and restart your PC

Updating QuickBooks Enterprise

If your QuickBooks enterprise version is not updated, you will witness various errors while working on the software. You can manually or automatically update the software.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support

Even after trying all the methods, if the QuickBooks enterprise unexpected error appears, you must reach out to the QuickBooks desktop support team at +1888-727-4587.

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