QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service

QuickBooks desktop enterprise software has become one of the essentials for users who have been a part of the Intuit family. The software is packed with various features and benefits that reduce the hassle of maintaining financial records and operations. While many users prefer local versions of the software, the trend of QuickBooks cloud hosting service is increasing every day. Get dedicated QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service at affordable prices & evaluate your business network to the next level.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service
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Even though there are minute differences between the local and cloud hosting versions, the speed and reliability of cloud hosting are preferred by users. Follow the article to the last for a detailed guide on QuickBooks desktop enterprise hosting service.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service

QuickBooks desktop enterprise hosting is known for providing customized and flexible services to small and medium-scale businesses that have outgrown in size. Since the local version cannot be used anywhere and anytime, the cloud hosting version allows multiple users to work on the company file and manage the business operations.

The desktop enterprise hosting service works best for all business verticals such as manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, and more. With the help of the cloud-hosted version of the software, you can manage your inventory, invoices, sales, finances, billing, and reports.

Just like the local version, all the advanced tools are present in the cloud hosting version, which helps users keep track of relevant accounting files. In simple terms, QuickBooks cloud hosting binds the power of the cloud with QuickBooks desktop enterprise 21 features to offer the best of both worlds.

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Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service

QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting is suitable for business types. There are various features that users get while using the cloud version. Some of the benefits of the QuickBooks desktop enterprise hosting service are:

Better Speed

The biggest benefit that users get in the QuickBooks cloud version is the speed. In the hosting environment, QuickBooks opens up faster than the local version. You can easily work on the software without any hassle. However, you must ensure that there is a fast internet connection for better performance. 

More Users

With the local version, the system requirements are essential to add more users to the software. However, a fast internet connection offers more users in the cloud version. You can easily add more users to the company file without any hassle.

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Customer Support

The QuickBooks Enterprise Help team ensure that QuickBooks cloud users get unmatched. customer service. There are various instances where errors might degrade the user experience. However, users get all setup and maintenance work along with training errors that are associated with cloud support. Also, in case the errors are not resolved, customer support is available 24/7.

Automatic Backup and Recovery

Company file data is crucial for users, and data loss can be a challenging situation for businesses. Since company data contain all the valuable information, it becomes essential to protect the data. The QuickBooks cloud version offers an automatic backup facility that creates multiple copies of the data at different data centers worldwide.


If the local version of QuickBooks does not have password protection and anti-virus, the data can be compromised. However, the cloud version of QuickBooks desktop enterprise is end-to-end encrypted, two-factor authentication, and various other cutting-edge security features to protect the company file.

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Integration is crucial for the growth of the business. At various stages, you might require third-party software such as billing apps, inventory software, and more. With the hosting environment, you can integrate different applications without any hassle.

Are QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Cloud the Same?

Many users think the QuickBooks cloud version is similar to the QuickBooks online version. However, both versions are different. In simple terms, QuickBooks Online is designed to offer remote access to the software. However, there are several compromises on the accounting feature.

On the other side, the QuickBooks cloud version offers all the features of the cloud and does not compromise on the accounting features. You get all the accounting features that are present in the local version.

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Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosting Service

While there are various third-party service providers available on the internet, it is advised that you must opt for the plans offered by QuickBooks. There are three different versions of QuickBooks software, which are gold, platinum, and diamond. The prices start from $1740 and go to $4200. Reach out to the QuickBooks desktop enterprise service team at above mentioned toll-free for more information.