QuickBooks Data/File Sync Between Two Computers

The main reason people sync QuickBooks Desktop data/file between two computers is that it helps increase productivity in the long run. The whole syncing also makes sure that the data becomes more flexible and can be used according to the needs of the person.

How to sync QuickBooks company file or data between two computers?

Not a lot of people have the correct idea about how they can QuickBooks a Desktop file/data between two computers. This is the reason we will be explaining the whole process in this article. Make sure you read this article carefully so that you can do the entire sync process on your own.

Sync Quickbooks Desktop File/Data Between Two Computers

How to sync QuickBooks company file or data between two computers?
QuickBooks Data/File Synchronisation between two computers [Explained how to merge company files]

There are a lot of applications available in the market or teams available at your service who will do the whole process of syncing for you, but they are not free. Here we will be doing the process of syncing on our own, and we will not have to pay any money for it.

Before we start the process of syncing QuickBooks Desktop file/data between two computers, you need to make sure that both the computers which you will be using are all connected to the same network. Otherwise, the syncing process will not be successful.

If you are unable to connect them on the same network, you need to uninstall and reinstall Quickbooks on both the desktop and set up using the same available options.

QuickBooks Data Sync – Merging company files on QuickBooks

Here we will be giving you the steps that you need to follow to Sync QuickBooks Desktop file/data between two computers. Follow the steps properly so that you can complete the sync process successfully.

  • The first step is to download the app Data transfer Utility and install it on the primary computer. The Data Transfer Utility will be available on the resources of the primary computer.
  • In the second step, you will have to copy all the files from the QuickBooks secondary computer. You will have option of either saving the company files on any external disk, or you can directly transfer them to the source computer.
  • Open the QuickBook application on the primary computer and then look for the file on the secondary computer from ‘File’. Open it, and then you will see two options of Open Restore. Click on the Open a company option and this will help you sync QuickBooks Desktop file/data.
  • In the Data Transfer Utility application, go to the section called Export Data from Source Company and click on the dropdown Open source company.
  • The computer will ask for access and make sure to click on the button. This will keep the data running even when the application is closed. Proceed further in the steps by clicking on continuing in QuickBooks.
  • In the Data Transfer Utility, click on the close button in the option currently connected to.
  • Go to the File menu option and then choose close company once the merge has been successfully done.
  • Again navigate to File and click on open a company and select the file that you have used originally on the computer.
  • Go to Import data on the Data Transfer Utility application and click on open destination company.
  • Give access to all the files in this step and proceed further in the QuickBooks application.
  • Close the currently connected Data Transfer Utility application once the processing is complete.
  • Go to the select type of data and choose Change. Select the file which you want to import in the destination file.
  • Again go to Import Data into Destination and select the option Import Data. This will help sync QuickBooks Desktop files/data between two computers. When you are done with this process, delete the secondary source file, which will be available on the primary computer.

If you are looking to sync QuickBooks Desktop files/data between two computers, then this article will come in handy for you. You will easily be able to do the whole merging by following the simple steps given above.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts for QuickBooks Data Synchronisation Support

This will not take a lot of time, and anyone will be able to do it without any issues. Make sure to read this article carefully and fully understand all the steps before proceeding with it. In case you need help from a QuickBooks professional, get in touch with our QuickBooks desktop experts on our toll-free helpline.

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