QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Cost

How much does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Cost?

In today’s world, where business is driven by knowledge from data, it’s very important that we don’t lose our data due to system failure or due to a corrupt hard disk. And with changing business dynamics, it’s very important that you stay connected to your information from any device and from anywhere and also share with anyone.

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a SaaS (software as a service) solution and is one such preferred solution that offers a safe platform for better financial processing, efficiency, and productivity without you worrying about infrastructure and security.

How much does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Cost?
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It’s a cloud-based solution that lets you access your QuickBooks application over the internet from any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. This hosting program allows its end customers to have their licensed copies of QuickBooks desktop software installed on servers in a remote hosting facility with authorization.

What Are The Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Hosting?

Well, it is very clearly understood by the fact that data security and confidentiality is the most important area to be looked into for an organization to ensure and build the trust of their clients and vendors. And although there are high-end security measures that are maintained in an accounting firm, there is always a possibility of threats, breaches, and other violations for illegal activities. Thus, it is wiser to host QuickBooks in the cloud to avoid any misuse of information.

Given below are a list of points that assures QuickBooks hosting as a much secure solution for safe bookkeeping or other business purposes: –

  • QuickBooks hoisting provides a flexible working experience by letting you log in and access your data remotely in the cloud  
  • It provides a multi-factor authentication policy, i.e., adding more layers of security which reduces the risk of hackers accessing the system.
  • Unlike the traditional setup, cloud accounting has better time management for e.g., if an employer logs in, the amount of time they spend while working will get recorded automatically.
  • One of the most important benefits of QuickBooks hosting is the security assurance in comparison to a traditional desktop which is likely to more cyberattacks and thefts.
  • It also saves on technology hassles by saving money without onsite server costs and lower PC IT costs. Furthermore, it saves time of the hosting providers by maintaining the network for you.
  • Lastly, for most of the QuickBooks cloud hosting, you get 24/7 support and backup

How Does The QuickBooks Hosting Work?

Most Small Business Cloud hosting service providers work in the same manner-

Users with licensed copies of QuickBooks are allowed to install on the server of a service provider.

They can access the cloud hosting server setting from anywhere in the world and work on it. But they need to access it through a web browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, etc., or an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) shortcut.

Any changes made on the cloud hosting are saved automatically and visible to all the other authorized users.

This cloud server can be accessed from any operating system, be it a desktop running on Windows or Linux or macOS or an android or iOS mobile phone.

How To Select The Best QuickBooks Hosting Provider?

Considering the fact that Intuit is the maker of QuickBooks, it would be wise to choose the authorized hosting providers. Therefore, there are several platforms that claim to share a good knowledge in this field and also ensures the best user data safety by maintaining high delivery services.

Some most popular Cloud hosting providers are–

  • Intuit Authorization
  • Cloud jumper
  • Highness Cloud 
  • Security practices and features
  • Data and Password storage policies
  • Plans and price
  • Customer reviews and testimonials, etc.

A Brief Idea About The QuickBooks Hosting Cost And Pricing?

QuickBooks hosting is one of Intuit’s most growing versions of accounting software and it comes in four different plans. They are: –

Get the functionality and business insights you’ll need to get started. Plus, pay and file taxes, pay employees, and streamline your payrollPlatinum pairs robust functionality with valuable tools for manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, and retailers.Diamond has maximum functionality to automate more of your business so you can get more done.
Valid for the 1st year* Annual subscription billed monthly*Valid for the 1st year* Annual subscription billed monthly*Valid for the 1st year* Monthly subscription*
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