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QuickBooks is an amazing software that helps people across the globe to manage their businesses and accounts. It has many unique features that help entrepreneurs to manage their accounts without any mess, but sometimes users can experience some errors or problems with their QuickBooks software. In that case, users may feel a need for support directly from our QuickBooks support team. To troubleshoot this issue, connect to our chat agent via the live QuickBooks chat support option.

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What is QuickBooks Chat Support? 

QuickBooks support chat is an option for QuickBooks users that they can use whenever they feel the need to have chat support for QuickBooks. No matter what issue the user may face, they can get support from the QuickBooks team to troubleshoot the issue. Here, users can get live chat support for QuickBooks and discuss the issue they are facing with their software.

The experts will guide the user via live chat to give assistance to solve the issue. You can get support on different topics such as banking, expenses and vendors, invoices and payments reports, sales and customers, etc. QB chat support is one of the most beneficial facilities for QB as this is complex software that often needs assistance. 

How to Reach QuickBooks live chat support? 

It is pretty easy to connect to QuickBooks chat support. If you are facing any problems and need guidance but don’t get how to get chat support for QuickBooks, you can go through the instructions mentioned below. 

Chat support for QuickBooks desktop 

  • First, you have to open QuickBooks 
  • Go to the Help option 
  • Select QuickBooks desktop help 
  • Select Contact us
  • Here, you’ll have to enter a brief description of your issue. 
  • Select let’s talk 
  • From the list, select the way to connect. 

Please note – For QB plus, essential or simple start, the support team is available from Mon-Friday 6 AM EST to 6 PM EST, and on Saturdays, the time is 6 AM to 3 PM EST. For QuickBooks Advanced, chat support agents are available around the clock. 

You can also sign in to the official website, where you can find videos and written testimonials for guidance. 

QuickBooks Chat Support Services

Our experts offer chat support services for different types of issues such as

  • Account management 
  • Banking 
  • Expenses and vendors 
  • Get started 
  • Invoices and payments 
  • Reports 
  • Sales and customers 
  • Taxes
  • Personalized issues and errors 

You can contact the chat support team to discuss a problem and the way to troubleshoot that. 

How does chat support fixes different types of issues? 

QuickBooks Queries 

If you are confused about any function of your QuickBooks, you can contact chat support. In live chat support, the experts would understand your quarries and try to troubleshoot that. 

QuickBooks Program Errors 

QuickBooks users may face program errors as it is one of the most common issues. Users can contact QB chat support for assistance to troubleshoot this issue. 

The most common troubleshooting methods are mentioned by QuickBooks experts

1. Close QB from all the open windows and restart it. 

2. Open a sample file 

  • Double-click the QuickBooks application icon while holding down the Ctrl key. 
  • Hold the Ctrl key until the application shows ‘No Company Open.’
  • Click ‘Open a sample file.’
  • Select one of them and open it.

3. Use auto data recovery 

4. Update QuickBooks

Performance Issues 

If your QuickBooks is running slowly, this is referred to as a QuickBooks performance issue. To solve this issue, you can contact QuickBooks chat support. They’ll guide you on how to boost the speed of your software and solve the issue. 

The most common troubleshooting methods are mentioned by QuickBooks experts. 

1. Build a backup file to reset the TLG file and restore lists.

2. Reduce the size of your company file 

  • Run the condensed data utility or
  • Truncate your company file or 
  • Remove the previous file and start a new company file. 

3. Update the QuickBooks if it is not updated 

4. Use QuickBooks diagnostic tool. 

Product Support 

Product support can be essential sometimes. QuickBooks sends all the product-related descriptions to the email address and number you’ve registered while opening the QuickBooks. If mistakenly, you’ve lost the mail or the number, you’ll need to get in touch with customer support and tell them to resend your product details to another email address. Besides that, if you need any other assistance related to your purchase, you can contact the QB live chat support. 


Want to update your QuickBooks to another version? You must always have the latest version to utilize every facility of this accounting software. You can contact the support center to get answers to related quarries.

Common methods to upgrade your QuickBooks mentioned by experts 

  • First, open your QuickBooks 
  • Then, select help
  • You’ll be able to see the option to upgrade QuickBooks; click on that 
  • From the list, select the version you want to upgrade to 
  • Click on the upgrade now. 
  • Select let’s go.

(Note– If you want to have to copy your current QB version, then you have to select “Keep old version on my computer” before hitting “let’s go.”)


Your QuickBooks must be updated all the time; otherwise, you may face several errors. You can contact QB support to get assistance. 

Common methods to update QuickBooks desktop mentioned by experts 

  • Open your QuickBooks 
  • Go to the help menu 
  • Select update QuickBooks Desktop
quickbooks chat support
  • Click “get updates” after selecting the updates you want to download.
  • Here you’ll see the option of updating now 
  • Select get updates from there to start the downloading process. 
  • It will take time. Wait and restart your QuickBooks once the downloading is finished. 
  • Accept the new update installation option.  


Conversion is a unique facility of QuickBooks. You can convert QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop and do much more. Conversion can be a complex process in QuickBooks and for that, you may need assistance. You can contact our support center for assistance. 

Common conversion methods of QB mentioned by experts

1. Use the QuickBooks conversion tool to ease the job. 

(Note – You can’t convert payroll transactions, work tickets, fixed assets, individual employee wages, and deductions by using this tool.) 


quickbooks chat support

If you need to move your QuickBooks desktop to another computer, don’t worry, as you can easily get assistance for this too. 

Common migration methods of QB mentioned by experts

1. Use the QuickBooks migration tool

2.  Follow the steps 

  • Open your QuickBooks
  • Go to file menu 
  • Select utilities 
  • Select “move QuickBooks to another computer.” 
  • Select ” I’m ready.” 
  • The files will be copied. 


You can contact our customer center to solve any issue with your QuickBooks integration. QuickBooks integration drives all the relevant accounting information into QuickBooks for users. 

Common migration methods of QB mentioned by experts

  1. Install the QuickBooks Time QuickBooks integration add-on. 

Best QuickBooks Chat Support by QABUFFS QuickBooks Experts

You can always contact QABUFFS QuickBooks experts for 24/7 chat support no matter what issue you’re having with your QuickBooks software. The professionals are well-versed in dealing with a variety of QuickBooks issues. For any type of assistance, contact our QuickBooks desktop support number+1844-474-6287.