Problems Converting QuickBooks Desktop To Online

If you want access to your QuickBooks software from anywhere, it’s time to upgrade to QuickBooks Online. The good news is that switching from QuickBooks Desktop to Online is simple, and you should not lose any of your previous data. However, some fundamental errors can occur during converting QuickBooks desktop to online. Continue reading to learn more about these errors and how to fix them.

Problems Converting QuickBooks Desktop To Online With Solutions

Problems Converting QuickBooks Desktop To Online
Problems Converting QuickBooks Desktop To Online [Solution Guide In Detail]

Error: Delete All Previously Entered Employee Data In QuickBooks Online

If QuickBooks Online detects that you have activated payroll features such as direct deposit enrollment, billing hold, or e-services enrollment, this error will arise. 

The steps to resolving this error are as follows:

For Windows Users 

If your payroll is locked in QuickBooks Desktop while in QuickBooks Online, you may see this error. To activate payroll on your desktop, follow these steps:

  • Select Preferences, then Payroll and Employees from the Edit menu
  • After that, go to the Full Payroll or Online Payroll from the Company Preferences menu

For Mac Users

  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac does not have payroll features. You can’t use the internet to import a company file with existing payroll data.
  • Disconnect from QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and then export transactions from QB Online if you use Intuit Online Payroll to export transactions to a file. 

Error: There Was An Error When Checking This Company’s Import Eligibility

One of the following can cause this error:

  • In a QuickBooks Online company, you are not a master administrator, company administrator, or accountant user.
  • QuickBooks online payroll account services have a problem
  • Before importing the data, you did not log into your online account
  • You haven’t answered the first question in the setup interview

Steps To Solve This Error: 

  • Is a company administrator exporting, or can you get admin access from a master administrator?
  • Before you import, sign in to your online business
  • If the error persists, the simplest solution is to open a new online account. Before you start, make sure you cancel your previous membership.

Error: We Are Unable To Export Your Data. It may be On A Network Drive

When you export your QuickBooks desktop company file (with the.qbw file extension) in multi-user mode, you’ll get this error alternatively if it’s on a network drive. 

Here are the steps to solve this error – 

  • To open the product information window in QuickBooks, press F2 or Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard. After that, look at the file size.
  • After closing QuickBooks, copy the company file to the C: drive
  • Then, in QuickBooks Desktop, open your company file
  • After that, select Switch to Single-User Mode from the File menu
  • Export once more. Choose Utilities from the File menu, then Copy the Company file for QuickBooks Online

Error: Cannot Export Data From QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online

When the path to your company file contains more than four folders, this error occurs. 

Steps to solve this error: 

  • To open the product information window in QuickBooks, press F2 or Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard. After that, double-check the file’s location.
  • Ensure the QuickBooks Desktop is closed 
  • Then, copy the company file to any C: drive folder
  • After that, open QuickBooks Desktop, then go to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company from the drop-down menu
  • Next, open the saved file in the new location and try to import it again

However, if you are still having trouble exporting your file, try to remove your [CompanyFileName].qbw.nd file by searching for *.nd on your computer. 

Error: Oops, Something Went Wrong

You may get this error while signing in to a company file to export.

Steps to solve this error: 

  • In Internet Explorer, add Intuit as a trusted website
  • Then try exporting after closing and reopening QuickBooks

Get Help From A QuickBooks Desktop Experts

Hope this article helped you resolve your QuickBooks Desktop to Online conversion errors. Following any of the above methods correctly can assist the user in quickly resolving the errors. If you are still having trouble converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online, reach out to the QuickBooks desktop support experts team.

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