We understand that the privacy of your data is important for your business, and we take every possible care to maintain its accuracy and security. We want to make you feel confident about using our cloud solutions. With us, the security and control of your business data will never be compromised. 

At QABUFFS, we believe that a trusted relationship is built on complete transparency and honesty, and we are committed to being honest and transparent about our products and services. 

Information We Gather

Personal Information

When you start using our services, we might ask you to submit some personal information such as email address, name, contact details, credit card details, postal address, and other personally identifiable information. We gather all this information to deliver our products and services, for communicating with you, to allow you access to our network, answering to your requests or queries, to follow your chosen pricing plans, deliver customized services, provide technical and customer support, and provide you with better customer satisfaction. 

Payment Information

When you are opting for one of our products or services through our pricing plans, we ask for your payment information. We collect your payment and billing details when you choose our one or multiple paid services. You may well have to also submit payment information, for instance, credit or debit card details. We gather these details through our secure payment processing system. 

Information We Collect When You Access Our Services 

Our technical support team collects data about you when you are using our platform including when you are browsing our website and performing certain activities as you use our Services. We keep a record of certain data about you when you are visiting and interacting with our website and any of our services. This data comprises the details such as the website features you use, the URLs or links you go to, the name, type, and size of the files you upload on our website platform, and the way you interact with other parts of our Services. 

Device and Network Data

Whenever you visit our website, we collect data that is sent by your web browser. This collected data can include details as your PC’s IP address, type, and version of your web browser, the pages you visit on our website, the date and time when you visited us, the time you spent browsing our website pages, and other data.

Your Location Data

Based on the setting on your device and browser, we might gather and store the information about your location. We use your location data to offer and customize our services based on your location and requirements. If you want, you can enable or disable your browser setting that will show your location when you are browsing our website and services. 

Cookies and Other Tracking Methods

Using cookies and other tracking methods, we along with our third-party service providers gather data about your device and what pages you are visiting on our website. Using different tracking tools, we collect data about you, for instance, the operating system on your device, its IP address, the browser you are using, browser language, website pages you visited on our and other websites, time you spend on each page or while using a particular service, and other data. We use these tracking methods to learn more about your preferences, online habits, and how frequently you visit our website, pages you visit, and what services you use more often. 

Using Your Personal Information 

To Deliver Services for Our Users

We attain, store, and use your data to deliver our services together with processing your transactions with our website, verifying your login details to give you access to our network, offering personalized customer support services, and more. 

To Tell You about Products, Services, and Processes 

We ask for your contact information to tell you about products, services, and processes concerning them. We send transaction details through email and details about our services including approving your purchases, providing alerts about subscription expiration and renewal details, replying to your feedback, queries, comments, and applications or requests, offering customer support services, sending security reminders, technical communications, program updates, etc, informing about launch of new products or services based on your previous interactions with us, and more. 

To Send Promotional Content 

We use your contact details to send you promotional content that might interest you. These promotional content are intended to improve your (users or customers) engagement with our services and help you make the best use of our services. We use your information to tell you about new products, services, and fresh website features, to send survey requests, to send newsletters, and tell about events or activities that could attract your interest based on your previous dealings with our website and features. 

To Send Security Reminders and Alerts

We use your personal information and data about the services you use to verify your account and to keep an eye on any suspicious or duplicitous activity that might be taking place in your account. If we find any suspicious activity in your account, we will send you a security alert on your contact information. 

To Secure Legal Interests 

We use your personal information to protect our and our users’ legitimate interests and legal rights where it is needed by law on instances such as audit functions, legal claims, and more. 

Sharing With Third-Party in Compliance With Laws And Enforcement 

In unexpected and exceptional situations, we might have to share your personal information with a third party. We only do it when we believe that it is necessary to share your personal information to meet the terms of any applicable law, directives, legal procedures, constitutional demands, state security requirements, legal agreements, legal policies, terms, and conditions, to protect our users from damage or illicit activities, and more. 

To Inform About Any Future Changes And Notifications 

We use your information to inform you about any changes we might make in our service policies. You should check our policy page from time to time to see if we have made any changes or updates. We will deliver you alerts about our Policy changes on your registered email address with us.