PeachTree Conversion to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is amazing accounting software with unique features that can help you to manage your accounts and run your business without any mess. Because of the convenience, Many people want to convert their files to QuickBooks as it offers something more than other accounting software. One of the most common software in 2022 from which people usually convert files to QuickBooks is PeachTree. In this article, learn about PeachTree conversion to QuickBooks in easy steps.


PeachTree Conversion to QuickBooks

Conversion is not easy and can be a complex job. A single mess can delete your data for years; that’s why you have to be careful while doing it. PeachTree conversion to QuickBooks has been hard for some users who are not tech-friendly, Let’s discuss how to convert files from Peachtree to QuickBooks without any hazards. But, before then, let’s know a bit about PeachTree

About PeachTree Accounting Software

It is a leading business accounting software that is quite good with some amazing features and qualities. It is developed with robust functionality and an intuitive interface. This software allows users to keep a clear track of expenses and receivables. One can easily create financial reports, manage their inventory, and access them by using this software. It takes care of per day accounting needs of a business and its growth. 

The Key Features of PeachTree

  • It comes with a cash flow manager and if needed, one can customize the cash flow settings and apply filters and time frames to financial transactions. 
  • With accounts payable and backing features, users can get full access to their invoices, orders and payments. 
  • The inbuilt advanced inventory management allows users to keep track of quantities and cost and it also automatically adjusts the sales and purchases. 
  • With the job costing feature, users can keep track of job costs and revenue. 
  • Because of the direct deposit checks and payment cards, the payroll process is easier in this software. It also allows users to monitor payroll checks and taxes. 
  • One can design specialized reports on taxes, Payables, receivables, inventory, expenses, inventory and jobs by using this software. 
  • Safety is a priority and that’s why this software comes with an inbuilt security suite safeguard so that it can ensure the user’s financial safety. 

Common Reasons of PeachTree Conversion to QuickBooks? 

Both of the software are amazing when it comes to managing multiple things on a single platform. The pricing for both products is also very close. You may think, if everything is pretty the same, then why would someone want to convert files to another software. There can be various reasons for PeachTree conversion to QuickBooks.

Here we have mentioned a few common reasons for conversion:-

  • QuickBooks has an easy interface compared to Peachtree. Many people can find Peachtree a complex software and especially for newbies; it can be a little difficult. 
PeachTree Conversion to QuickBooks
  • It is easier to get support whenever you face any issue with your software. Many companies provide support and also, the QuickBooks support centre is also easily accessible.
  • One of the biggest reasons is the MAC version. MAC is famous in corporate sectors for obvious reasons, but PeachTree doesn’t have any separate MAC version of the software. QuickBooks has its MAC version, which is easily accessible. 
  • QuickBooks has some extra features than the PeachTree, such as live bookkeeping services, services for freelancers, etc. 

Though both are cloud-based accounting software and both have many similarities, QuickBooks is more popular because of its non-industry-specific assistance. That’s why many people feel the need to convert their files from PeachTree to QuickBooks, as it is the most renowned name in the market. 

How To Convert PeachTree to QuickBooks in Simple Steps

PeachTree Conversion to QuickBooks

PeachTree conversion to QuickBooks is never easy as you already have a large number of files that need to be converted. For this, you should have some basic technical knowledge, time, and patience.

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert your files from PeachTree to QuickBooks. 

Step 1: Select files 

Choose which files you’d like to transfer to your new accounting software. It’s better to get rid of old and unnecessary files. But do this carefully. 

Step 2: Create a backup 

Create a backup of your data. You should always make a backup of any data you are willing to modify so if, unfortunately, something goes wrong, you can still have your important data. You wont face any data loss issues or errors during Peachtree conversion to QuickBooks desktop.

Step 3: Rename files

  • Rename your files and use the easy references for this purpose. 
  • Make sure that your data is limited to 41 characters as it is the limit of QuickBooks. 
  • Don’t use the same name and if you need to, QB will auto add numbers after the name. 

Step 4: Go to Intuit

  • Open the official website of Intuit and register. You’ll get access to the free conversion tool that intuit has on its website. This tool can convert all of your data. You can easily move your files from PeachTree to QuickBooks. 
  • After visiting the site, you’ll need to enter some important information. Fill them up and click on submit. 

Step 5: Install the QuickBooks Conversion tool

After the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool download. Learn how to use the QuickBooks conversion tool.

  • First, you have to download the converter file.
  • QuickBooks conversion tool free download link is available by calling on the toll-free number provided above or simply click on the chat box to get the tool for free.
  • After filling up the data, you now have to download the tool, which is about 30MB. It can take a few minutes to install and you have to keep patience.
  •  Once the download is completed, click on Run. 
  • Now you have the conversion tool on your computer. You’ll need it while doing the conversion. 

Step 6: Follow the Instructions for Installation

  • Run the installer of the tool to install QuickBooks desktop
  • Now, go with the instructions and follow the steps on the screen. 
  • Now, you have to locate the data you want to convert in your PeachTree. 
  • Press the button. 
  • The conversion tool will automatically do its job. 

Step 7: Enter the Information

  • Though your data is now converted, you have to manually enter the company name and other information. 
  • Now, open your QuickBooks and select “Company.”
  • Then, to go to ” company information.”
  • On the other hand, open PeachTree. 
  • Select “maintain”
  • Select “Company Information” 
  • Now your data should be copied and pasted. 

What tools can be converted 

  • Customer List
  • Vendor list
  • Jobs List
  • Employees list
  • Items list

Transactions that can be converted 

  • Bills
  • Memos
  • Credit Memos
  • Invoices
  • Checks
  • Customer Payments
  • Vendor Payments
  • Purchased orders
  • Transfer
  • Sales receipts 

Objects and Adjustments that can be converted 

  • QuickBooks
  • Chart of accounts
  • Assembly Builds
  • Inventory Quantities and values
  • Estimates

Things that can not be Converted

  • Paychecks
  • Employee Year-To-Date information
  • Payroll items
  • Individual employee wages or deduction information
  • Fixed asset items
  • Work tickets
  • Closed (or partially closed) orders such as sales orders, estimates, and purchase orders]

PeachTree to QuickBooks Conversion Service

Though this conversion is not that complex, if you face any problems doing that, you can contact the QuickBooks desktop conversion support center. You can contact Us on +1888-727-4587 for further assistance. 

Related Questions or FAQ’s

Can I import Peachtree data into QuickBooks?

Yes you can easily import PeachTree data into QuickBooks using this support article. You can also use QuickBooks conversion tool to convert or transfer data easily into QuickBooks

How do I transfer from Peachtree to QuickBooks?

By using QuickBooks data conversion tool. PeachTree files can be transferred to QuickBooks using this tool.

How do I convert Peachtree 2012 to QuickBooks?

Converting from and old PeachTree version you need to convert PeachTree Files into updated version to match QuickBooks latest technology. Contact our data experts on +1888-727-4587 for more.

Can I transfer sage to QuickBooks?

Yes you can easily transfer SAGE to QuickBooks using the conversion tool.

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