James – Account Manager – QABUFFS (Bookkeeper)

James - Account Manager - QABUFFS (Bookkeeper)

Hi, My Name is James, Account Manager at QABUFFS. I was born and raised in New York, United States. I completed my Bookkeeping Certification from New York City University in 2015. I started practicing bookkeeping in 2016. I was working as an individual bookkeeper until 2019 until I joined this amazing organization QABUFFS in West Hollywood, California.

I am specialized & certified in providing QuickBooks bookkeeping services & support to our clients using small business tools to manage their accounts.

AT QABUFFS we offer streamlined accounting & bookkeeping services to small business owners & individuals. We have a team of highly skilled accounting professionals ready to help in any situation. Our Virtual Bookkeepers are available via flexible support channels to our customers.

We have been delivering successful accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses enabling them to attain ideal financial management success. We use modern tools and software’s to offer industry-specific accounting solutions to our clients. Check our services page for more information.

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