Incorrect Password Error in QuickBooks Desktop

One of the most common problems users often face with Quickbooks desktop is incorrect password errors. If you are facing an incorrect password error in QuickBooks desktop, this self help article is for you. 

What are the reasons behind QuickBooks company file incorrect password error?

There can be several reasons behind this problem. Probable reasons are listed below. 

  1. The password can be case-sensitive.
  2. You might be having this issue because of some missing or incorrect accessibility settings.  To solve this problem, you have to ensure that no box on any tabs is checked. For ensuring that, open ” Control Panel” and then select ” Accessibility”. 
  3. You might have “space” in your password. As these are also considered a part of passwords, one can forget to use that. You may have this issue if you have submitted “space” while generating the password. 
  4. Incorrect keyboard function. This issue can occur due to incorrect keyboard functions. Submit in the notepad to check whether the password is working or not. 
  5. Incorrect login screen. If you are getting an admin login screen without a username, it is an incorrect admin login screen, and you have to reopen it. 

What are the requirements of creating a QuickBook password? 

You have to generate a strong and complex password. The password should have at least 6 characters, including at least one number, letters, special characters, and an uppercase letter. 

How to solve Troubleshoot QuickBooks Company File Incorrect Password error issue?

Incorrect password error in quickbooks desktop
Troubleshooting Guide for Incorrect Password Errors

Here are the steps to resolve the issue. QuickBooks customer care is also available if you need any extra guidance. 

 Use Password Reset Tool

Either you have forgotten the password or you feel the need to change it, you can use the password reset tool. It is an automated tool for the QuickBooks Desktop that is used to reset the QuickBooks admin password. You can find the QuickBooks password reset tool as one of the features added in the QuickBooks tool hub home screen.

For this, you have to enter some details such as a 15 digit license number, full name, phone number, and postcode. All of your information will be saved in the database so that if it finds any mismatched information when the product is registered, it can fail the request. 

Step 1: Find out the version of a desktop

You have to know the product version and release number. Then select the product from the list and learn how to identify the version. Instructions are given below.  

  • For the statement writer: Go to the QB, select reports, and then statement writer. When you can see the program is up, choose  ‘Option > help > about QuickBooks statement writers‘
  • For the merchant service:  Go to QuickBooks uses merchant services. 
  • For Basic or advanced QuickBooks Payroll:  “Employees” > “Payroll Centers” >Payroll tab.
  • For QuickBooks Mac and POS:  “Help > product information“. 

Step 2: Select QuickBooks Version that was updated formerly to your QuickBooks Company File

Select the version and type the information needed to complete the registration of the accounting software. 

  • Click on submit
  • Accept the license agreement and download
  • Type the token number sent in your email.
  • Choose the version in the drop-down menu of QuickBooks products
  • Submit new password, 
  •  confirm and click reset password
  • Sign in using the credentials of admin. 

If you’re changing a user password

  • Sign in using the credentials of admin. 
  • Go to Company and choose Set Up Users and Passwords
  • Select Set Up Users
  • After being prompted, enter the admin password again
  • After seeing the User List, select the user that requires a password change
  • Select Edit User
  • Enter a new password
  • Select Next twice and press Finish. 
  • To sign in on this computer, access the File menu and select Close Company/Logoff. 
  • Sign in with a new username and password. 

If you’re changing the admin password

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)
  • Click “I forgot my password link” at the login window.
  • Fill in the details 
  • Click OK button
  • You will get a code at your registered email address
  • Copy the code and enter that in QuickBooks Desktop
  • The computer will guide you through the further steps. 

Ending words

Resetting a QB password is not that tough, but you have to enter the correct details that match your CAMPS. In case you need help get in touch with our QuickBooks desktop experts on our toll-free helpline.

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