How To Print W3 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop

Thinking about starting your own business? You have to take care of several things. You should know that hard work, dedication, and patients are important. Besides that, you have to consider several different types of things at the same time that can be hazardous for one person, especially if you are willing to make everything organized. That is why QuickBooks is a necessity. It is an amazing software that offers several benefits to its users and by using this, you will be able to handle different things in an organized way. 

QuickBooks is used by entrepreneurs across the world, and it has unique and useful features that help to cope with different things, especially financial statements and transactions, which is one of the most important parts of a business. This accounting software is not only easily accessible but also super fast for making your hazardous work easy.

With this software, you can record bank transactions as well by using the feeds provided by the bank with its online banking factor. This makes you aware of each banking transaction and provides you with a detailed report. You can now be actively connected with your bank and be updated about all your business-related transactions.

How To Print W3 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop
Learn How to Print W3 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

One of QuickBooks’ most important features is that it can easily comprehend payrolls and carry out the taxation process. QuickBooks desktop connects with the pending revenue as taxes and allows users to generate W-2 forms easily. 

If you’re wondering what W-2 forms are, what benefits they provide, why you need them, or how to obtain them using QuickBooks, this article is for you. We’ll answer all of your questions about W-2 forms in this article.  

What exactly is a W-2 tax form?

According to the country rules, if you are an earning citizen of that country, you have to pay an annual income tax that helps to build your country. The government takes the tax to develop roads, transport, education, etc. In most cases, employees don’t need to worry about the taxes as the employer deducts an amount from the paycheck and pays the tax on behalf of employees. But when you’re running your business and you are an employer, you have to give your employees a detailed account that includes how much amount you’ve deduced from the employees’ wages for tax. That is when you need a W-2 form. 

In short, a W-2 form is a form that includes all the detailed accounts of the amount that you’ve deducted from your employees’ accounts per annum that are used to fill the taxes. By using QuickBooks, the employer can easily develop these forms for your employees. 

Why is withholding tax important?

You have to deduct some of the amounts from your employees’ salary every month to pay the taxes. The deducted amount is transferred to the IRS at the end of every month. 

Not always are the employees aware of the deduction from their salary. Sometimes it can make the calculation hazardous at the end of the year, especially if you have a group of employees. The W-2 form helps you with that so that you can calculate easily. 

Why should you attach a W-2 tax form?

If you are thinking about skipping attaching the W-2 tax form, then maybe you are wrong and increasing difficulties for yourself as well. It is very important to attach the W-2 tax form with the employees’ pays slip. At the end of the year, it will help you to calculate the accurate difference between the assimilated amount as the tax and the returns. You must get clear about the whole thing; otherwise, you can get in big trouble. 

On the other hand, with a W-2 form, employees can understand how much amount is deducted from their salary slip; otherwise, it can lead to major confusion. That’s why you must attach the W-2 form when you are giving the salary slip to your employees at the end of each financial year. 

How to print W-2 forms with the QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks has made the whole process easier. By using this software, you can easily print the W-2 form. Follow the steps mentioned below to print the W-2 form by using your QuickBooks. 

Step by step guide to print W-2 forms with the QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, you have to open the QuickBooks software on your desktop. 
  • Now, head towards the Payroll Tax centre 
  • Here you can see an option of “Employees.” Click on that. 
  • Then go to the Payroll Centre. 
  • Find the tab of ” File and Formats” and open it 
  • Select the View/Print Forms & W-2s option.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your payroll pin at this point.  
  • Click on the next W-2 tab. 
  • You’ll be able to see a dialog box where there will be a list of all employees’ details. 
  • Select the name of the employee whose W-2 form you are willing to generate. You can also select all from the checkbox. 
  • Select Open/Save Selected.
  • Now you can see a print instruction page. 
  • Here, specify the reason why you want to print the form. 
  • Now, there will be a print dialog box asking you to load the paper into the printer. You have to do that. 

Note – It would be a better idea to load papers that have instructions printed on them as it is important to provide employees with instructions they will need to follow to file taxes. Setting a paper with instructions will ease that for them. 

  • Now you can see the detailed version of the file on your desktop screen in a pdf file format. Make sure that everything is correct. Check the entire document carefully 
  • Now, print the form and you are done. 

Get Help by QuickBooks Experts

It is very easy to print a W-2 form by using QuickBooks desktop. Also, follow each step carefully and don’t skip any step in a hurry. But if unfortunately, you are stuck in between, you can always contact QuickBooks desktop support experts to get further guidance.

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