How To Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks has developed an extensive set of features and services to aid businesses in managing their financial transactions. The software gets timely updates, and new features are added to elevate the experience of users.

Qa Buffs QuickBooks How To Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop
Printing Checks in QuickBooks is way easier than any other accounting app! Learn How?

Even though the trend of online payments has increased in the modern period, some businesses prefer paper checks to pay their bills. QuickBooks users can easily print checks and pay their bills without any hassle. So, continue reading as here we will discuss the steps of printing checks on the QuickBooks desktop.

Reasons To Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks users can follow simple steps to print checks on the desktop app. While using the QuickBooks desktop app, users can

  • Print different types of cheques without any hassle
  • Save a check to print later.
  • Print checks individually or multiple checks in a single batch.

Aligning Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

Even though printing checks on the QuickBooks desktop is easy, it becomes essential for users to set up the printer properly on the desktop app. To align checks in QuickBooks desktop, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Under the File menu, click on the Printer Setup option
  • From the form name drop-down list, select the check/paycheck. 
  • Select the voucher for the check style
  • Select align and click on Print to compare it from the preprinted checks
  • Adjust the settings as per your requirement
  • Click on the Align again option and print another sample.
  • Repeat and adjust until you get the perfect alignment

There are two different ways in which you can manage and print your checks on the QuickBooks desktop. One method revolves around printing paychecks when payroll is created, and another one is printing checks that you saved for printing later.

Writing Checks to Pay Bills Already listed in QuickBooks Desktop

When the bills are already present in QuickBooks desktop, follow three simple steps to write checks in QuickBooks desktop.

Select Pay Bills

Under the Vendors menu, click on the Pay Bills option. Once you click on the Pay Bills, a list of all the bills present in the QuickBooks will appear on the screen. Select the bills which you want to pay

Create the Check

For creating a check on the QuickBooks desktop, users will have to enter the payment date, method, check number, and account details from which the checks will be paid. Once the information is entered, click pay selected bills to create the checks.

Printing Check

Once you pay the selected bills, QuickBooks will show a payment summary which will offer more options like paying more bills, printing checks, or finishing the process. Click on the Print Checks option and select the checks that you want to print. You must ensure that the number in the first check number field matches the number of the first checks queued in your printer.

Writing Checks Without Entering Bills in QuickBooks Desktop

You can also write checks without entering bills on the QuickBooks desktop. Follow the three steps mentioned below to complete the process.

Select Write Checks

Firstly, navigate to the Banking menu and click on the Write Checks from the drop-down menu. You can also select write checks in the banking section of your home page.

Create the Check

For creating the checks, users will have to submit essential information. The information required for creating checks in QuickBooks desktop are:

  • Bank account information
  • Assigning checks to expenses or items tab
  • Amount
  • Address
  • Pay to the order of
  • Print Later
  • Date
  • Memo
  • Check number

Once you have submitted all the information, click on the save icon.

Lastly, you can print the check without entering bills in the QuickBooks desktop app. If you incur any trouble during the process, you can contact the support team of QuickBooks for assistance.

QuickBooks offers two ways through which users can print checks. You can either print checks individually or batch print multiple checks. Follow the steps below to print checks individually or print multiple checks at the same time.

To print one check at a time in QuickBooks desktop

  • Select the Write Checks option from the Banking menu
  • Find the check you want to print
  • Enter the check number details in the First check number
  • Select the check style and ensure that the correct print number is displayed

To print multiple checks in QuickBooks desktop at the same time

  • Select the Write Check option from the Banking menu
  • Click on the Print later option from the Print menu.
  • Select Print forms from the QuickBooks File menu and select the check/paycheck
  • Finalize the bank account and click on the checks you want to print
  • Enter the first check number in the desktop app and select Ok
  • Lastly, select the check style and ensure that the printer name is displayed correctly.
  • Click on the Print option and finish the process.

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