How to Install QuickBooks Desktop

It is requisite to download or install QuickBooks desktop in your laptop/P.C or a tablet to keep up with the growth of the technology. One of the essential pieces of information that the user should know is the primary method for downloading and installing the QuickBooks is minimum system requirements.

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop

If you’re setting up for the first time

Set up and install a multi-user network for QuickBooks Desktop

Set up and install a multi-user network before you continue for QuickBooks desktop so computers on your network can access your company files, and you can easily share your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows data with multiple team members.

On a multi-user network, only one computer hosts your company files, that’s your server computer, and all other computers connected to your system that don’t host your company files are called workstations.

Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server computer so you can host your company files. It lets you share your company files with other computers over your network. It also helps you monitor your multi-user network effectively.

Note: If you’re a QuickBooks user or bookkeeper, who is running multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop for your business, then you have to install them in order. Start with the oldest version first and end with the most recent.

Once you have QuickBooks desktop download files in hand, follow these five easy steps to install it. This article would be helpful either you’re reinstalling or installing QuickBooks for the first time.




  • You have to make sure your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Download your version of QuickBooks Desktop. Save the file somewhere you can effortlessly find it (like your Windows desktop, or you can create a new folder and save it there).
  • Double click on the saved file (it’s called Setup_QuickBooks.exe).and you will notice that Windows displays a little message box that tells you Welcome to QuickBooks Desktop.


Once QuickBooks desktop installation wizard begins, QuickBooks will prompt whether you agree to go by its rules or not. Accept the QuickBooks licensing agreement and then click Next. Follow the onscreen instructions, and you have to admit to installing the software — select the checkbox labeled I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement and then click Next.


Enter your product number, and license number, then click Next. If you have lost your license or product number, we can help you recover them. At QABUFFS, we provide you with 24/7 services to support you and your small business needs, so don’t panic, we got your back.

Step 4

  • Now you have to choose the kind of QuickBooks version for your business needs; you have two options for installing QuickBooks: express or Custom and Network, specify whether you’ll share the Quickbooks data file over a network.
  • We recommend Express if you’re using it for the first time and reinstalling QuickBooks.It is beneficial if you are going to use it on this computer and not as a part of other network computers.
  • On the other hand, if you want to install QuickBooks somewhere other than the default location or have to host company files on a server, then you should go with Custom and Network.


As you open QuickBooks, the program prompts you to activate and update it, you can also activate it by simply opening QuickBooks and from the Help Menu select Activate QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the instructions onscreen, and you are ready to go.

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