How To Find QuickBooks License Number

QuickBooks is excellent & popular accounting software in 2022 that helps people across the world to manage their accounts as well as their businesses. It has unique features and an easy interface that make it one of the best accounting software out there. By using this accounting software, you can manage multidimensional things in an organized way to avoid any massacre. At present, it is the most famous accounting software worldwide that is used by entrepreneurs to run their businesses successfully. Here is how to find QuickBooks license number in 2022 using various methods.

How to Find QuickBooks Desktop License Number

Qa Buffs QuickBooks How To Find QuickBooks License Number

If you are a QuickBooks user or thinking about switching to QB, you must know about the license number of QB and different things connected with it. Let’s know about the QuickBooks license number in detail.

Get or Retrieve QuickBooks License Number Details

You can easily retrieve QuickBooks desktop license number details using this QuickBooks license number tool. Tap on the highlighted blue link below to get your license information on your email address.


What is the License Number in QuickBooks? 

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QuickBooks license number can be so important for QuickBooks users. The QB license number is proof that you’ve purchased your QuickBooks, and you have the ownership of that. You’ll get your QB the license number after just purchasing the product. 

In short, a license number is a unique key or code of your product that indicates that the product is original. You can get the license number after purchasing the product from a reliable source. One will need the license number while installing the product on the system. 

Why do you need a QuickBooks License/Product Number? 

  • The QB license number is important for users for the following reasons
  • Users will need it during installation. 
  • One will need the license number to activate the QB on service. 
  • You’ll need the license number if you ever need to reinstall the software on your system. 

Reasons to find QuickBooks License Number

  • QuickBooks license number free installation after system or hardware change.
  • QuickBooks 2020 license and product number for another user in multi-user mode.
  • QuickBooks Pro 2013 license and product number or any version license details.
  • QuickBooks license and product number crack for the second computer for free.

How to find QuickBooks license number? 

There are many methods to find out your QuickBooks license number. Some key methods are mentioned below. 

Method 1: Use CAMPS (

It is a portal specially designed to help you maintain your account.

It is the Customer Account Management Portal, and from here, you can find the details about your account.

  •  Go to this portal that comes with a dashboard.
  • Sign in or sign up when needed 
  •  Go to “Products and services.” 
  • Select your accounting software “QuickBooks.”
  • Now, select “details.” 
  • From here, you can find the license key. 

Make sure to save them for future references. 

Method 2: Through Installation Disc

You can find out the license number from the installation desk. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so. 

  • First, you have to insert the QuickBooks installation disc on your system. 
  • Here, you’ll find a few options. Among them, select “Reinstall QuickBooks.” 
  • A window will now open on your system screen. There you have to get the codes – ” License and product number.”
  • The software will now begin to auto reinstall on your system. You can continue using a CD this time. 
  • Now, enter the number to activate the software. 

Method 3: In QuickBooks License Lookup Tool

It is an amazing tool by Intuit that is specially designed to locate the license code. You can get its access from the main web page. It may ask you for basic information such as your associated electronic mail id. You have to enter the details. Make sure that the mail id is included in the Intuit QB tool. 

You can also save it on your hard drive for future references. You can easily locate the information on your hard drive if you need it again in the future. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps.  

  • Open Chrome and find “QuickBooks License Lookup Tool.” 
  • You have to enter your Email ID when the tool wants it. Make sure that it is the same email address that you’ve used while buying the QuickBooks accounting software. 
  • Once the information is provided, the tool will do the rest. 

Method 4: Connect to QuickBooks Customer Support

You may connect to the QuickBooks customer support team and request the license code. You may connect them by chat or call. You may need some proof of purchasing the software in this case. Make sure to have your documents while connecting. 

How to activate QuickBooks license or product number? 

To activate your quick look license, follow the points mentioned below 

  • Open your QuickBooks and press F2 on your keyboard. 
  • Now, you’ll be able to see the product information window. 
  • Here, at the right of the license number, you can see the registration status. 
  • If it shows you activated status, then you’re set.

 But if your QuickBooks is not activated, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Close the product information window by selecting the OK tab. 
  • Go to the “Help” menu. 
  • Here you can find the option of “Activate QuickBooks.” 
  • Now you’ll be guided by some prompts on the system screen. Follow them to complete the activation process. 

How to Find your QuickBooks Desktop License Number? 

Fortunately, locating your QuickBooks License number is not difficult. Follow the below-mentioned steps to find out yours 

Method 1: F2 key

You can use the F2 key to find the license number for the QuickBooks Desktop

How To Find QuickBooks License Number
License Number or Product Information in QuickBooks Desktop
  • First, you have to open the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Go to the keyboard and press the F2 key. 
  • Now you’ll be able to see the product information window. Here you can find your product name, product number, and license number. 

Method 2:  The Confirmation Mail for QuickBooks Activations

You’ll need to buy the product from the official website, and once you purchase that, you’ll get a confirmation mail on your email id. You can find your license number there. On the other hand, if you purchase it from a store, check the packaging as it should consist of all the important information. You can find your license number there. 

Method 3: ” manage your accounts” option. 

You can find your license number from this option. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Go to the “Company” tab. 
  • From the dropdown key, select “my company.” 
  • Select ” manage my account.”
  • You can find the license number on the next screen. 

Contact QuickBooks License Number Activation Support Team

Hope this article was helpful to you and you’ve successfully found your QuickBooks license number to activate or reinstall your QuickBooks accounting software. For further help, you can contact our support center by dialing- +1888-727-4587.

Related Questions or FAQs

Why do we need QuickBooks Product and License number?

We need a QuickBooks product & license number to activate the QuickBooks desktop.

Where can I Find the QuickBooks Product and License key?

You can find the product or license key on the CD if purchased or online by click on the link provided above.

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