How to Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File 

QuickBooks is the most famous and reliable accounting software out there. If you need to create and restore a portable company file in QuickBooks, read the entire article to learn how to create and restore QuickBooks Portable Company File in detail.

What is a QuickBooks Desktop Company file? 

The company file is one of the most important parts of your QuickBooks. In this file, you can find your company’s financial records. It is the very first thing you have to work on after installing the QuickBooks.

What is a QuickBooks Portable company file? 

How to Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File 

Your company file is a big file that can’t be shared or moved easily. A portable company file is a compact version of your actual QuickBooks company file that you can share with someone, even through email or can put on a USB. 

Why create a Portable Company file on QuickBooks? 

A portable company file is easy to move when you need to move that. Whether you are willing to share your accounting data or need to move your accounting data to another computer, having a portable company file will give you benefits. It is important to have a compact backup version of your company file for future requirements. Besides that, according to some users, creating a portable company file can also solve many minor issues. A complete company file is not easy to share, but a portable company file is easy to share. 

How to Create a Portable Company file in QuickBooks? 

Before you start

When you are using these steps for how to create and restore QuickBooks portable company file. Remember these things beforehand.

  • Make sure you’re running the most recent QuickBooks version. 
  • Create a full backup of QuickBooks company file as portable company files don’t have everything that you have on your original company files, such as your message, images,  templates, logos, images, Loan Manager, Statement Writer, Fixed Asset Manager files and your .tlg or .log files. So, don’t think that the portable company file can replace the full backup for you and create one. 

Create a portable company file

Before learning how to create and restore QuickBooks portable company file. You should know how to create a portable company file on the QuickBooks desktop.

  • First, you have to open your QuickBooks as an admin. 
  • Now, you have to go to the File menu of your QuickBooks. 
  • From here, select “Create Copy.” 
  • Here you’ll get an option called ” portable company file,” Select that. 
  • Now, hit Next. 
  • Your portable company file will now be created and you have to give it a name. 
  • Now choose where you want your company file to be saved. Make sure to choose a place where you can easily find that in the future. 
  • Now, you have to click on Save and hit OK. The file will be something like (file name you selected). QB

Note – If you want to share your portable company file with someone, then you should keep in mind that they can access everything that you gave on that file. To open that file, they’ll need to have the password you’ve entered to secure it. 

Restore your company file

When learning how to create and restore QuickBooks portable company file on QuickBooks desktop. Restoration of your portable company file is important is when you restore the company file, 

QuickBooks first totally uncompresses it and then rebuilds the whole file as you can use that. 

Now your portable company file is created. Now, you have to open that. If you’re facing any problem opening your company file, follow the steps mentioned below.

Here is how you can open or restore your company file. 

  • Log into your QuickBooks as an admin. 
  • Go to the company file menu on your QuickBooks. 
  • Select open or restore the company file. 
image 17
  • Select “Restore a portable file.” 
  • Hit next
  • Select “local backup” and click Next. 
  • You’ll be able to see a dropdown button. 
  • From there, select where you want to save the restore the company file page.
How to Create and Restore QuickBooks Portable Company File 
  • Select the backup file from that folder and name it
  • Click on Open and then hit Next 
  • Now, you’ll be able to see the Save – in the dropdown. From here, save the restored file.
  • After selecting save, go through all the messages that pop up on the screen and allow all those. 
  • Then, your file is ready to be used. 

Note– Give your main company file and regular company files two different names. Otherwise, you may confuse your main company file and portable company file and it can put you in situations in the future. You can also save the portable company file to a different folder. 

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support

It is good to make a portable company file for sharing. Hope this article was useful and you were able to successfully create and restore your portable company file. Please contact us at +1877-708-5420 for further assistance if you require QuickBooks desktop support experts’ advice about how to create and restore QuickBooks portable company File.  

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