Fix Reckon Error -6000 -83

Users often complain about encountering reckon error -6000, -83. It can interrupt your work and prevent you from working on your company file. Let’s know about this error in brief and discuss the troubleshooting methods. 

What is Reckon error -6000 -83? 

Reckon error -6000 -83 occurs when Reckon user is trying to open the company file. When this error occurs, users can face difficulties accessing their company files or see Error code 6000 series as a warning message. Which interrupts the daily accounting or bookkeeping process in Reckon.

Why does Reckon Error -6000 -83 occur? 

While trying to open a file from a network drive, users usually get this error. This is the main reason behind this error. Users can also face this error due to connectivity issues and other issues. 

Important Points Before Repairing Reckon Error -6000 -83

T Before using any troubleshooting method, there are a few things to consider. The points are mentioned below.

  • Make sure that the QuickBooks you are willing to access are not corrupted and also can be accessed on a different machine.
  • Make sure that the Reckon version you have on your computer, where the QuickBooks is tested, is the same as the same on the affected machine. 

How to Solve Reckon Error -6000,-83? 

Though it is a complicated error, it doesn’t mean that you can’t solve it. Here are the most useful troubleshooting methods to resolve this error. 

Method 1: Set Accounts Business Permission to the folder where you have saved the company file

Setting the account business permission to the folder where your company file is saved will solve your problem. To accomplish this, follow the instructions listed below.  

  • Navigate the folder where company files are stored. 
  • Right-click on the folder and go to properties.
  • Tap on the Security tab
  • You’ll be able to see the groups or username list. From there, tap on QBDataServiceUserXX. 
  • If you can’t find it under the username, click on add.
  • From the select users, computers, or group window, you have to navigate to Advanced. 
  • Click on Find Now.
  • Search QBDataServiceUserXX from the search results and hit OK.
  • QBDataServiceUserXX will now appear on the list. 
  • You have to allow QBDataServiceUserXX full access to the folder and for that, tick the checkbox corresponding to Full control. 
  • Hit apply and then OK. 
  • You’re now good to go. 

If your issue isn’t solved by using this method, try to use the next troubleshooting method. 

Method 2: Configure the Reckon account or QuickBooks Database server manager

  • Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and select the start menu. 
  • Go to all programs and from there, navigate to ReckonAccounts(QuickBooks) 
  • From here, go to Reckon accounts/ QuickBooks Database server manager.
  • You’ll be able to see the scan folder tab. Hit the Add folder button.
Reckon Error -6000 -83
  • From here, select the folder that has your QuickBooks company file in it. Hit OK. 

(Note – If you don’t know where the company file is, select the whole desk). 

  • Add additional folders by clicking the add folders button.
  • Click the scan button and you will be able to see which folder is scanning. 
image 26
  • Once the scanning is completed, hit close.
  • Try to open the company file that is located on the file server from the computer that has Accounts Business installed. 

(Note– If you notice that the database server is stopped on the database server tab, ignore that.)

The problem should be solved by now, but if, anyhow, you are still facing the issue, go to the next step. 

Method 3: Turn off the hosting of all workstations that don’t store the company file

  • First, you have to open the Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks on a computer that doesn’t have the company file stored in it. 
  • Go to files. 
  • Navigate to Utilities
  • You may see Stop Hosting Multi-user access on your screen.  Click on it and then click Yes to confirm. 
  • If you can see the Host Multi-User Access on the menu, stop it. 
  • Close Reckon Accounts/ QuickBooks. 
  • Now, you have to repeat step 2 on all your workstations to solve the issue. 

By this time, the error should be resolved. 

Method 4: Contact Reckon Support Experts 

After attempting all of the troubleshooting methods listed above, if your problem persists, you can contact Reckon support experts for further assistance on +1877-708-5420. They will guide you to resolve this issue so that you can continue your work without any interruption and problems. 


The Reckon error -6000,-83 can prevent you from working. It’s better to solve this issue as soon as you detect it for the first time. You can try the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods while considering the mentioned points.

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Make sure not to skip any step in a hurry, as every step is important in this procedure. And if you still have an issue, you can always contact our support service on +1877-708-5420 for assistance. 

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