Fix QuickBooks Registration Error

QuickBooks is an amazing software that includes too many features to ease your job, but there are also some errors that one may encounter while working with QuickBooks. One of these errors is the QuickBooks registration error that one can face while registering QuickBooks desktop on windows. 

The usual cause behind this error is incorrect QuickBooks license number information and most of the time, providing the right license information resolves this problem. But not all the time, this happens. Sometimes, it doesn’t get resolved by this and shows a pop-up message like 

“We’re sorry, but your activation was interrupted” or “The validation code is incorrect” or “This service is temporarily unavailable.” In these cases, you have to follow some additional troubleshooting issues. If you’re also dealing with this issue, go through this article to resolve it.  

What is a QuickBooks Registration Error?

QuickBooks Registration Error
Ultimate Guide To Repair Registration Error in QuickBooks Desktop

In order to install or register QuickBooks on your windows, you’ll need to enter the license number or product code. If the process is interrupted or the encrypted file is anyhow damaged, QuickBooks shows an error message on your screen and refuses to open the display. It is called a QuickBooks registration error. 

Why Do You Encounter Errors Registering Quickbooks On Windows?

There can be several reasons for QuickBooks registration errors. Some of the usual causes are mentioned below. 

  • Poor internet connection

QuickBooks requires a strong and active internet connection for the verification of registration information. If you’re having a poor or slow internet connection or the Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks from connecting to your internet, you can have these registration issues. Check the internet connection and try again. 

  • Old version

Only Intuit-supported QuickBooks products can be registered and if you’re using an old version that is discontinued by Intuit, you can face this issue. 

  • Incorrect license information

If you’ve entered the incorrect product code and license number while registering, you will face this issue. It is the most common issue why people encounter this error. 

  • Data and time settings on Window

Check your Window’s date and time settings. If they are not correct, you’ll not be able to activate QuickBooks. 

  • Fault in (MSXML) XML Core Services (MSXML). 

Having this type of fault will not allow you to activate QuickBooks on your Windows. 

Some Important Points before you start the troubleshooting methods on your Desktop

  • You have to close all the QuickBooks Windows and background processes from the taskbar. Try to register QuickBooks once again and see whether the problem is resolved.  
  • Before using the methods, check the date and time on your Windows display; if they are incorrect, correct them and try to register QuickBooks again.  
  • Check the product code and license number once again that you’ve received on your product or via email. Try to register again. 
  • Make sure to log in with a Windows admin account; otherwise, you’ll not be able to register QuickBooks on that Window. 
  • Before starting the troubleshooting methods, recheck whether your software is already registered or not. For this, open your accounting software and long-press the F2 key. It’ll lead you to a window that contains all existing information about your software. From here, you can check the registration status at the right of the license number.  If your software is not registered, follow the methods mentioned below. 

How to Resolve QuickBooks Registration Error? 

You can troubleshoot the QuickBooks registration error by following the below-mentioned steps.  

Step 1: Configure the Windows Firewall

You have to configure the Windows Firewall first. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it. 

  • Search for Windows Firewall by clicking on the Windows start button, where you can see the list of different programs present on your computer. 
  • Click on Windows Firewall and head towards Advanced Settings. 
  • You’ll be able to see the inbound rules—Right-click on that and select New Rule.
  • Make sure the TCP is selected and tap on Next. 
  •  Allow the Connections and then tap on Next.
  • Make sure all the displayed profiles on the prompt Window are selected. 
  • Now tap on next, where you’ll have a box where you can enter a name for the rule. 
  • Tap on the finish. 
  • Now try to register a QuickBooks product again. 

If your problem is not yet solved. Move to the next step. 

Step 2: Assign Administrative Rights to the User Account

You have to assign Administrative Rights to the User Account to solve the issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to accomplish this.  

  • Open the Control Panel of your computer and go to Settings. 
  • Under the Accounts, you’ll have a list: select Family and other users from there. 
  • From here, you can select the user of your preference to assign the administrative rights. 
  • Then, click on the Change Account type. 
  • You’ll see a list of different account types. From here, select Administration. 
  • Hit Change Account Type and then again sign in on the Windows. 
  • Try to register your QuickBooks product now. 

Usually, the problem gets resolved at this stage. If you are still having the registration issue, move on with the next steps in the article. 

Step 3: Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor

You’ll get detailed instructions to troubleshoot different types of errors. Install the QuickBooks File doctor from the official site of Intuit and run it on your computer. 

Step 4: Register MSXML Files

As the last step, you can register MSXML files to troubleshoot this issue. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • First, press the Window and R keys together on your keyboard and while pressing the keys, type cmd.exe in the Run window.
  • Press Enter or if you get a pop-up, click 
  • Now type cd\ windows\ syswow64 in the black color command prompt on the Window.
  • Now, hit Enter and type regsvr32 MSXML4.dll and hit Enter.
  • Type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll and tap on Enter.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

We have covered all of the relevant info about this error, and we believe you were successful in resolving the QuickBooks registration error. Make sure you don’t skip any steps and follow each one carefully. If you still have the registration error, you can contact the QuickBooks error support team for further help. 

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