Fix QuickBooks Error H202

Often, switching into multi-user mode in QuickBooks desktop triggers QuickBooks Error H202. This error is quite common, and there are different ways to fix this error.

How to fix QuickBooks Error H202 in Multi-user Mode

QuickBooks Error H202 is triggered when a multi-user connection to the server connection is blocked.

The server needs to be accessed for QBW (QuickBooks Company files). As the connection is blocked, there is no communication with the server, and as a result, the user will not be able to access the QBW files.

Fix QuickBooks Error H202
QuickBooks Error Code H202 (Troubleshooting Guide)

There could be multiple reasons behind this error, and we will explore a few of them here in this article. 

QuickBooks Error H202 in Desktop Multi-user Mode 

In a typical user environment for QuickBooks, the user system is referred to as a client system or workstation. The workstation communicates to the server computer for accessing the QBW files.

In a typical multi-user environment, multiple workstations communicate to the server. In case one of the servers fails to communicate to the server computer, QuickBooks Error H202 is triggered. A typical snapshot of the error is given below.

quickbooks error h202
QuickBooks Error H202 Snapshot in QuickBooks Desktop Multi-User Mode

Common Causes of QuickBooks Error H202

Some of the common reasons why the connection from the user to the server might get blocked, triggering the error are: 

  • Incorrect hosting configurations. 
  • Blocked communication by the server computer firewall. 
  • DNS Server conflict. 
  • QuickBooks is not able to identify the IP Address of the server computer which contains the QBW files. 
  • Key services such as QBFCMonitor and QuickBooksDBXX are not running on the server.
  • The network data file is corrupted. This file can be identified with the extension .ND.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks Error H202
QuickBooks Error H202 Repair Guide 2021

There are different ways to fix this error. However, let’s start with the basic step first. Log on to the server computer where the QBW files are stored. Open the start menu, then go to the menu “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”.

Once the Database Server Manager is launched, it will start scanning the files, ultimately restoring the connection. This should be the first step towards fixing the error. If this doesn’t work, then let’s look at the next steps. 

Testing the Network Connectivity 

Network connectivity can be tested by a simple ping from the client workstation to the server. In case you are not aware of the server hostname or its IP details, then turn on Network Discovery on the server as well as on the workstation which is getting the error. Ping can be done with these steps: 

  1. Go to the Run option from the start menu.
  2. Open the command prompt from the run, by typing ‘cmd’.
quickbooks error h202
Fix Error H202 in QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Once the command prompt opens up, type the ping command followed by the server hostname or its IP address. Press “Enter”.

If the ping fails, then there is a definite packet loss signifying network problem. Hence, we have to move to the next step.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool needs to be run for resolving the network issues that might arise as multi-user connections to the server are blocked. Check if the error persists after running this tool, then move to the next step. This can be done with the following steps.

  1. Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from QuickBooks site, and install.
  2. Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub, and select “Company File Issues”.
  3. Select the option “Quick Fix my File”.
  4. Click on “Ok”, once this is completed launch QuickBooks. Their error should be resolved, if not go to step 5.
  5. Go to ‘Company File Issues’ , and then select “Run QuickBooks File Doctor”.
  6. Select the desired company file, and then select “Check your file”, and then click on “Continue”.
  7. It will prompt for Admin password, put the admin password and hit “Next”.
  8. Once the scan is done, try checking if the error exists or not. 
  9. If the error still exists, try repairing the file with the option “Repair the file for your existing version of QuickBooks”.
  10. In case the repair fails, go back to the previous screen and select “Open the file in a newer version of QuickBooks”, which will update the file. 

Even if the updated version doesn’t help, then move to the next step. 

Check Firewall settings 

Check the firewall settings, and ensure that QuickBooks is not blocked by the firewall. In case it is blocked by the firewall, then configure the firewall permissions accordingly.

Make sure the TCP option is selected for the QuickBook exception rule. Also, ensure the following ports are open as per the QuickBook versions. 

QuickBooks Desktop 2020: 8019

QuickBooks Desktop 2019: 8019

QuickBooks Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382.

            QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377.

Ensure QuickBook Services are running in Event Viewer 

For QuickBooks, two key services should be running. These two services are: 

  • QuickBooksDBXX
  • QBCFMonitorService

Follow the given steps below: 

  1. Go to the Run option from the Start menu. 
  2. In the run window, type ‘services. Msc’, and press enter. 
  3. Once the services window launches, check if these two services are running or not. 
  4. If they are in paused or stopped stat, then right-click on each of them, and click on “Start”. The services should be in either started or running state. 
quickbooks error h202
  1. In case, the services are already running, then restart the services from the recovery tab of each of the services. 

Contact QuickBooks Error Support Experts Online

Now launch QuickBooks and check if QuickBooks error H202 still exists or not. If it is still there, then it is time to check with QuickBooks error support

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