Fix Connection has been lost QuickBooks Error

Six Ways to Fix ‘Connection Has Been Lost’ Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks may be the most widely used accounting software, but it is not free of errors. A common issue that users sometimes face is when you get a pop-up saying the QuickBooks connection has been lost error. There are several reasons why you could run into this problem.

Reasons Why You Get QuickBooks Error: Connection Has Been Lost

connection has been lost quickbooks error

If you are getting the QuickBooks error connection has been lost, one of these reasons may be the cause:

  • The company file is corrupted.
  • The company file is stored on a portable drive or another system, and a disrupted connection is causing the error.
  • The system that has the company file on it went into sleep mode.
  • Multi-user installation on different systems with different QuickBooks versions might cause this issue.
  • The company file is configured to be hosted by multiple systems on the same network.
  • On standalone systems, an antivirus might block QuickBooks or if the folder containing the company file needs additional permissions.

How to Fix ‘Connection Has Been Lost’ Error in QuickBooks?

Before trying the below-given methods, try simpler solutions like restarting QuickBooks and the computer. Try turning your antivirus off. Also, check if moving the company file to another folder solves the problem.

If the simple fixes don’t work for you, try the following solutions.

1. Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

Various QuickBooks errors can be fixed using the QuickBooks tool hub. To use this tool, you need to close QuickBooks first.

connection has been lost quickbooks error
  • Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Once installed, open it and select the QuickBooks file doctor tool to run it.
  • If the file doctor tool doesn’t spot any issues, click OK. In this case, you may have to rebuild the company file or restore a backup.
  • If it does find any issue, it will prompt you to repair the file.

2. Check Your Portable Drive.

If you have stored the company file in a portable drive,

  • Try to disconnect it and then reconnect it.
  • Ensure that there’s plenty of free space in the drive (at least double the size of the company file).
  • Spot the company file on the portable drive from Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  • Save other QuickBooks files on the drive that the company file might need to use.

3. Check the Network

If you are accessing a company file that is stored on a different system, a faulty network might cause the QuickBooks error connection has been lost.

  • Check if your network connection is stable and working fine.
  • Ensure that the Firewall isn’t blocking your access to the file. Try opening or saving another file on the server to check this.
  • Check if the folder containing the file needs additional permission.

4. Disable Power Management Settings

On the host system (where the company file is located), you need to change some power settings to ensure that it doesn’t cause any errors in QuickBooks.

  • Turn off the Power Saving mode if your computer has one.
  • Go to the Power Management Settings in Control Panel.
  • Turn off all the standby, hibernation, and sleep modes.

5. Check and Fix Hosting Settings

If the QuickBooks database server manager is not installed on your system, you need to install it first to get rid of the QuickBooks error connection has been lost.

If you are on the host system already,

  • Open QuickBooks, go to ‘File’, then choose ‘Utilities’.
  • Enable hosting through the ‘host multi-user access’ option. If you see the option as ‘stop hosting multi-user access’, the hosting is already enabled on your system.

6. Remove and Re-Create .nd File

If you are on the host system, you need to find the .nd file that contains system information.

  • Open QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Click on ‘Add folder’ and select the folders where the company files are stored.
  • Then click ‘Scan’. Once the files appear in the company file, click ‘Close’.
  • To verify, go to the folders where the company files are stored and check if all the files have their own .band file created.

If this does not work for you or if the database server manager is not visible in your programs list, you need to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts to Fix Connection has been lost error in QuickBooks

In case the solutions mentioned above do not work for you, you can try to install QuickBooks desktop from scratch after backing up all the important files. You can also contact QuickBooks support if you’re unsure about doing it yourself.

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