Error 9004 MYOB

MYOB is one of the leading business tools that help entrepreneurs to create and manage payroll, tax operations, POS, and accounting. Though it is a very useful tool, users can experience some technical bugs with this tool. MYOB error 9004 is one of the most common technical issues that users often encounter. 

What is Error 9004 MYOB?

It is a common technical issue that users often face while trying to run the accounting data in the software. When this technical issue occurs, you can see a pop-up text on your system – When opening the M-Powered Services Centre data file, the error 9004 was encountered. MYOB M-Powered Services Support can provide more information.

Error 9004 MYOB

This error stops you from running and managing accounting data in MYOB. One can also face

MYOB error 9004: m-powered services while opening the M-powered services center data file.

This issue mostly occurs because of technical bugs that can be removed. 

Why does Error 9004 MYOB occur? 

Error 9004 MYOB

This problem could be caused by a variety of factors. Some of the most important reasons are listed below.  

1. This issue can occur when the installation process is incomplete due to some obstacles such as poor internet connection, crashed computer, etc. 

2. You can face this issue if you have not appropriately turned off the computer. If you directly remove the plug from the power socket, you can encounter this issue. 

3. If anyhow, the process of file deletion gets interrupted, this issue can occur. 

4. You can face this issue if your computer is attacked by a virus, worm, or Malware. 

5. If your software installation folder is once copied to another computer from your computer, this can happen. That’s why people often encounter this issue while moving the installation folder from one computer to another. 

6. If the software is anyhow installed on a network location, you can face this issue.

How to fix Error 9004 MYOB?

No matter why you are having this issue with your business software, there are some methods to troubleshoot this. Let’s have a look at the most useful troubleshooting methods. 

Fix Error 9004 MYOB

Method 1: Reinstall the MYOB account 

If the issue occurred due to an inappropriate installation, re-installing the software can fix the issue. Let’s have a look at the steps.

  • First, go to the official website of MYOB and install AccountRight. You will need this to get access to the download page. It is advisable to use Google Chrome for this purpose. 
  • Sign out from your current user profile and then you have to sign in as an administrator twice. 
  • Now go to the folder where your setup file is located.  
  • Right-click on the setup file and open it. The installation will automatically begin when the setup file will start running. 
  • Follow the installation procedure. Make sure to agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Once you’ve completed installing the MYOB AccountRight, Reboot your system. 

This is the first step in the troubleshooting process. If that doesn’t work, try the next option.  

Method 2: Repair MYOB AccountRight installation

This method will fix all the installation-related issues. It will fix and re-install all those software components you have specified during the first installation process. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

How to Fix Error 9004 MYOB

(Note– You won’t be able to add or remove any components during this process, even though it will reinstall those that you installed during the original process.)

  • To become an administrator, you must first log out of your current user profile and then log in twice.  
  • Now, you have to disable the security software that you have on your computers, such as a firewall or any anti-virus. 
  • Go to the start menu at the right hand bottom corner of your screen.
  • Click on the search bar and search for Programs and Features.
  • Navigate to ‘MYOB AccountRight version’ and select it. 
  • Click on Change or Modify. 
  • To proceed with repair setup, hit Next. 
  • Restart your computer once the procedure is finished.  
Repair Error 9004 MYOB

At this point, the MYOB error 9004 should be solved. If the problem persists, move on to the next step.

Method 3: Contact MYOB Support Experts 

If both of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above don’t work for you, then you have no option left except to contact MYOB support experts at +1877-708-5420. We are experts and we can provide you with the right guidance.

While contacting, make sure you remember your account details and basic purchase details. We will guide you step by step to solve Error 9004 MYOB. 


This error can interrupt your work and that’s why it’s important to solve this issue as soon as you detect it. Most of the time, a simple reinstallation can fix the technical bug. Make sure to follow every step and go through every pop-up text while doing the process.

Hope this article helped you in solving error 9004 MYOB.

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