Customize A Paycheck or Paystub Layout In Quickbooks Desktop

How To Customize A Paycheck Or Paystub Layout In Quickbooks Desktop

QuickBooks has been no less than a boon for small and mid-sized businesses due to its highly advanced features. One of its exciting features includes streamlining the payroll system of a company by using QuickBooks Paystub layout.

It lets you have good control of your company’s payroll system. QuickBooks Paystub layout is also helpful for your employees as they can easily track their salary-related information.

How To Customize A Paycheck Or Paystub Layout In Quickbooks Desktop
Everything you need to know about Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop

Want to know more about this excellent feature? Go through this article. Because here, we will discuss every fact about QuickBooks Paystub Template. 

What Is QuickBooks Paystub Layout?

QuickBooks Paystub Layout enables users to enclose paystubs along with paychecks sent to the employees. In short, a paystub is a PDF attachment secured by a password.

It can also act as a physical record of the date and amount of the enclosed paycheck. QuickBooks Paystubs format can be customized at your convenience. 

And if you are wondering how to customize a paycheck or paystub layout on a QuickBooks desktop 2021, then continue reading this. Here, we will guide you thoroughly. 

How To Customize A Paycheck Or Paystub Layout In Quickbooks Desktop

QuickBooks provides an excellent feature to easily customize your primary paycheck or paystub layout to suit your requirements. So, let’s know how to do it. 

Steps To Print The Name Of The Account on Check Number 

If you want to print the account name on QB desktop, follow these given steps carefully – 

  • Log in to your QB account 
  • Click on Edit 
  • Then tap on Preference from the drop down menu 
  • Select Checking 
  • Click the tab named Company Preferences from the new window
  • Now select Print Account Names on Voucher 
  • Then click on OK


For an unused purchase inventory Paycheck, QuickBooks will display the first 16 lines of the account name. 

For a Paycheck used to purchase inventory, QB will display the inventory item.

Steps To Add Company Name, Logo, Signature, and Address 

Follow the given steps carefully to add the company name, logo, signature, and address on a paycheck on QuickBooks desktop. 

  • Go to File 
  • Select Printer Set Up 
  • Then click on Form Name drop down and select Check/Paycheck 
  • Now go to Settings 
  • Then select one or more of the following options from the list below: 
  1. Print Company Name and Address
  2. Print Signature Image 
  3. Use Logo 

Steps To Customize Paycheck and Paystub Vouchers 

You can customize an employee paycheck and paystub to display employee information, leaves, and company address.

Follow the given steps to add or remove this information from a paycheck or paystub voucher. 

  • Log in to your QB account 
  • Click on Edit 
  • Then tap on Preference from the drop-down menu 
  • Select Payroll & Employees 
  • Then click on Company Preferences 
  • After that, click on the Paystub & Voucher Printing button 
  • The Payroll Printing Preferences window will appear.

You can select or deselect any of the following checkboxes:-

  1. Vacation used/Sick used
  2. DBA Company Name 
  3. Legal Company Name 
  4. Non-taxable Company Items 
  5. Federal Employer Identification Number 
  6. Company Phone Number 
  7. Hours For Paid Employees 
  8. Employee Social Security Number
  9. Bank Account Numbers  
  10. Large Font Size 
  11. Standard Font Size 
  12. Print Intuit Logo 
  13. Choose OK two times to complete the customization 

Can You Customize All Information On The QuickBooks Paycheck or Paystub Layout?

As per QuickBooks law, you are not allowed to remove certain information from a paycheck or paystub layout. The information includes – 

  • Salary and payment amount 
  • Period of payment 
  • Statutory taxes applicable on an employee 
  • Net pay
  • Salary additions and deductions 
  • Taxable company contributors
  • Year-to-date amounts wherever applicable
  • Employee SSN (Social Security Number)


QuickBooks provides excellent accounting support to businesses in order to streamline their accounting and enhance overall efficiency. Hope this article is helpful for you.

Here we have discussed some simple steps to customize a paycheck or paystub layout in QuickBooks Desktop for you.

Hope the above-mentioned details will help you use the QB paycheck or paystub layout to good effect. If not, then you can contact QuickBooks desktop support

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