Could Not Connect to the Email Server QuickBooks Error

QuickBooks is one of the trusted and professional accounting software widely used by medium and large-scale businesses to manage accounting transactions and expenses. However, just like other software, there are certain errors that users sometimes face while working on the software.

Could Not Connect to the Email Server QuickBooks Error

One such error that degrades the user experience is that the QuickBooks could not connect to the email server. Being unable to send business messages can lead to negative outcomes. Here, we will list out various reasons that cause the email server error and the troubleshooting method.

Causes of Could not Connect Email Server QuickBooks Error

The QuickBooks could not connect to the email server error appears when the application is not installed correctly. The error restricts users from sending important emails and invoices. The various reasons that cause the error are:

  • The most common reason for email server error is internet downtime. The QuickBooks email server will occur
  •  If your connection is not fast or unstable.
  • If your email settings is not configured properly, the email server connection will appear on the screen.
  • The QuickBooks server also occurs when you give necessary admin rights to QuickBooks on your Windows system. 
  • If you are not updated to the latest version of QuickBooks, the email server error will appear on the screen, and you will not be able to send business emails.
  • Sometimes the error appears when internet settings do not match the requirement of the QuickBooks application.
  • The error also occurs when you enter the incorrect email ID or password.

All the points mentioned above are the major causes of email server errors in QuickBooks. 

How to Fix Could Not Connect to Server QuickBooks Error

Could not connect to the email server QuickBooks Error 2022
Fix Could not connect to the email server QuickBooks Error 2022

Now that you know the reasons for the email server QuickBooks error, you can use various troubleshooting methods to solve the issue and use the software without hassle.

Resetting Internet Settings to Default

If the internet settings are causing the error, you can reset the entire settings to default. The steps to reset internet settings to default are:

  • Open the internet explorer app and go to internet options
  • Under the internet options, click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click on Restore Advanced Settings and then OK.
  • Close the internet explorer and send a business email once again

If the error still appears on the screen, follow the next method detailed below.

Update QuickBooks to Latest Version

  • Navigate to the update to the release page
  • You must ensure that the product is selected. If the product is not selected, change the link and select your QuickBooks product.
  • To download the update file, select the update button.
  • Once the software is updated, select the automatic updates to remove the hassle of manually downloading updates every time.

Verify WebMail Preferences Settings

  • To verify the settings in the webmail preferences 
  • Open the QuickBooks Edit menu and click on the preferences option
  • Click on the send forms option that is located on the left panel.
  • Under the My Preferences option, select the email account you are currently using for QuickBooks and select the Edit option.
  • Navigate to the SMTP server detail section and set the server name. Once you have set the server name, port to your email provider settings 

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Allows Admin Rights to QuickBooks and Windows User

Sometimes the email server occurs when QuickBooks and Windows users lack admin rights. You can solve the issue and send business emails without any hassle by giving admin rights. However, if the problem still exists, try another method mentioned in the article.

Check Your Windows Firewall or Anti-Virus Settings

When Windows Firewall or third-party anti-virus programs block important files of QuickBooks, the email server appears on the screen. You must ensure that no files are blocked by a Firewall or anti-virus program. Also, you must turn off the email filtering advantages if that is present in your anti-virus software.

Recheck Email Credentials

If you enter the wrong QuickBooks email or password, the error will not allow you to send a business email. It is advised that you must recheck the email credentials to solve the issue.


If the QuickBooks email server error occurs after trying all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you must reach out to the QuickBooks desktop support team to resolve the issue effectively.

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