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Cloud Hosting Services: What is It and Why You Need It?

Most small businesses rely on accounting software for all their digital accounting needs, and it definitely is the most robust way to manage your company’s finances. Be it paying bills, invoicing customers, or generating reports, you can do it all with accounting applications. However, with cloud hosting, you can level up your digital accounting experience.

What Is Cloud Hosting For Small Business?

cloud hosting for small business

Traditionally, you install accounting software like QuickBooks on a desktop system. However, with cloud hosting services for small businesses, you can install the desktop software on a cloud server instead of on a local computer. It is also called QuickBooks cloud or hosted QuickBooks.

QuickBooks cloud hosting allows you to access the software remotely via a web browser. So, if you are an authorized user, you will be able to use your copy of QuickBooks from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection! 

Having your QuickBooks hosted on a cloud server can give you many advantages that might help grow your business faster.

Key Features Of Cloud Hosting

  • With a cloud-hosted copy of QuickBooks, you can access the software from a device running any operating system using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
  • QuickBooks cloud hosting for small businesses gives you the same functions, interface, and features as the desktop version.
  • Any changes made in QuickBooks will automatically get saved on the cloud immediately and can be viewed by users simultaneously.

Benefits Of Quickbooks Cloud Hosting

If you have a QuickBooks license already, all you need is a cloud hosting for small business to use the desktop version remotely. All you need to do is share credentials with the chosen cloud hosting provider for secure access to hosted QuickBooks.

There are several benefits to QuickBooks cloud hosting, including:

1. Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere 

The biggest and the most useful feature of QuickBooks cloud hosting is that you can access the software anywhere on any device that is connected to the internet. The software remains available to you 24×7, and your location doesn’t matter. QABuffs cloud hosting makes it easier to manage your business finance on the go.

2. Manage Your Expenses Efficiently

Managing cash is easier in QuickBooks with cloud hosting. You can manage payment and the due date for all your recurring bills in the software. There are a variety of tracking tools built into QuickBooks to maintain your business expenses, vendor bills, incoming and outgoing payments, etc. You can even bulk print checks from within the software.

3. Extremely User-Friendly

The best part about hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server is that it remains exactly the same as the desktop version. So, the users will not have to learn anything new when switching to the cloud-hosted copy of the software. Also, QuickBooks itself is a very user-friendly, easy-to-use software with most functions available in just a few clicks.

4. 24×7 Customer Support

You need not worry about downtimes or technical glitches when accessing QuickBooks online. A good cloud hosting for small businesses will always provide round-the-clock assistance whenever you experience any technical difficulty. Providers like QABuffs cloud hosting come with competitive tech support that can help you solve problems like email configuration, printer permission, QuickBooks setup, etc. Your business will never come to a halt with such highly attentive IT experts available at your fingertips.

Quickbooks Desktop Vs Quickbooks Cloud

QuickBooks desktop is quite limited in features as compared to the cloud-hosted version.

  1. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can grant access to multiple users, which is limited in the offline version.
  2. The desktop version of QuickBooks stores data only on the local device, while with cloud hosting, your data, as well as the software itself, gets stored on highly efficient cloud servers that are fail-safe.
  3. The performance of QuickBooks depends on the system resources, which can be limited on a desktop device. With cloud hosting, you can scale the resources according to your needs.
  4. Unlike QuickBooks desktop, cloud hosting allows team members to seamlessly collaborate over important tasks. The changes are made immediately and access simultaneously by logged-in members. Similarly, file sharing is a breeze online.
  5. With cloud hosting, QuickBooks get automatic software updates, which is not the case with the offline copy.
  6. With cloud hosting, you get rolling backup that keeps your data safe from accidental loss. However, on a desktop, you would need to manually ensure regular backups to prevent data loss.

If you already use QuickBooks or are about to switch to it, it only makes sense to get cloud hosting for small businesses. QABuffs provides best-in-the-class cloud technology for hosting QuickBooks at extremely competitive rates. Our team of highly skilled QuickBooks experts works 24×7 to ensure your business remains online all the time and never experiences any technical hiccups.