Checklist for Healthy QuickBooks Accounting for Small Businesses

Checklist for Healthy QuickBooks Accounting for Small Businesses in 2021

No one can deny the fact that QuickBooks is one of the most comprehensive accounting software programs out there. This is one of the important reasons for its usage across different business sectors every day. Do you know what makes it popular? Its user-friendly interface is one of the reasons for the popularity of this tool.

Checklist for Healthy QuickBooks Accounting for Small Businesses
Checklist for Healthy QuickBooks Accounting for Small Businesses in 2021 by

The rich accounting features along with excellent security features from employee management to banking integration contributes to the popularity of this software. However, speeding on this tool can be a real challenge.

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It is true particularly if you plan to use this tool for the first time. So, to help your small business make sure that healthy QuickBooks accounting happens in your organization, here is a checklist:

Select the Right Plan

To get the most out of QuickBooks, the first thing you will have to do is to check whether you have shortlisted the right QuickBooks plan. Of course, you might feel this to be an obvious checklist. However, it is important because you need not have to pay for the features that you never use, isn’t it?

When talking about choosing the right plan, as against choosing the desktop version, you can choose QuickBooks online. The latter is effective for small businesses like yours. Small businesses do this mainly for accessibility and security reasons. The former has limited capabilities, including the inability to access your account on multiple devices.

Above all, when you choose the online version, automatic backup of your business data will happen. You need not have to spend time backing up the data then and there, isn’t it?

Check whether you have set up recurring transactions

Now, let us consider that you have chosen the right version of QuickBooks based on your business needs. In your business, you know that some transactions happen again and again. Even, at times, the values even do not change. In these instances, to get the most out of your QuickBooks, check whether you have set up recurring transactions.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have the experience of working a lot in word documents and excel sheets, you might have thought about what would happen if ctrl+z is not present. Yes, this shortcut is a lifesaver for many people. In the same way, for healthy QuickBooks accounting, it is better to check whether you use the shortcuts. Here is a list of shortcuts to know:

In regular pages like customers and home page:

  • ? or / – This dialog
  • f – Search Transactions
  •  h – help
  • L -Lists
  • a -Chart of Accounts
  • v -vendors
  • c – customers
  • r – Receive payments
  • x – Expenses
  • e – Estimate
  • w- check
  • i – invoice

Here, you should remember that you should use the above-mentioned keys with ctrl and alt keys if you use a Windows system. On the other hand, if you use a Mac, you can press the letter above with the ctrl plus option. When you are on the transaction pages, you should use the following keys:

  • m – save and send
  • d – save and close
  • s – save and new
  • c – cancel out
  • x- exit transaction view

These keys should also be used with ctrl plus alt or options key appropriately for your Windows or Mac.

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Use Spellcheck

The correctness of spelling will make the usage of Quick enjoyable and easily understandable. Thanks to the spellcheck feature in QuickBooks. You will have to ensure whether you will have to go to preferences. Then, go to the seller. Here, you can check the “Always check seller”. The tool will take care of the rest of the things for you.

Set up custom reporting

To get the most out of QuickBooks Accounting, you can also set up custom reporting like recurring transactions. Checking this factor will ensure that your life is made even easier with QuickBooks. You can apply this to A & P Aging,  A & R Aging, profit & loss are prebuilt options you can use with QuickBooks Accounting Software.


You can do more with QuickBooks and can check many other technical things to get the most out of this tool for your business. For instance, you can create monthly reminders for reconciling reports. Happy accounting and bookkeeping with QuickBooks!

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