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We offer tailored bookkeeping services designed in a way to ensure small business success. By outsourcing bookkeeping services, clients can concentrate on their core product which helps them make smarter decisions & grow.

bookkeeping services for small business

Most businesses need to get professional bookkeeping services to handle their accounts. If you are a small business that has started operations, you might be handling your money all by yourself. But soon, you might definitely need someone to keep your company’s books. Bookkeeping services for small businesses as well as big companies are something you can’t avoid

. To keep track of your finances and to ensure not a single dollar is unaccounted for, you definitely need to get bookkeeping services from a professional firm. It involves a lot more than recording receivables and payables. So, if you are confused as to what bookkeeping services for small businesses really offer, here’s some information that might help you make the right decision.


Do not confuse bookkeeping with accounting. It’s not really the same. Bookkeeping is an important, daily part of the entire accounting process. It includes:

  • Keeping track of financial transactions
  • Making invoices
  • Recording credits and debits
  • Managing payroll
  • Balancing and maintaining accounts and ledgers

Maintaining the general ledger is a huge part of bookkeeping, as this document is where the bookkeeper has to post all the logs, receipts, and expenses.


In a nutshell, bookkeeping services for small businesses ensure that your company is financially well-managed in the long run. This usually involves several important aspects.

Accounting Software Expert

First, a specialist is assigned to you who is an accounting software expert. They create your company’s data file based on the unique requirements of your business. This expert will give you access to the software as well as any reports you might need from time to time.

Full-Charge Bookkeeper

The most important tier is the head bookkeeper. Apart from doing basic tasks like tracking receivables and payables and documenting all the financial transactions, the full-charge bookkeeper also handles deposits, manages sales taxes, creates financial reports and maintains them, and manages payroll. They even help out during an audit or if you want a business loan.


Another important part of the whole bookkeeping process is the controller. Basically, they keep an eye on the financial accountability of your business and keep it balanced. They review the general ledger to ensure accuracy and also set rules in place to avoid adjustments in the accounting data file without approval. The controller also creates financial reports every month and advises you to address many critical issues that need your attention.

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Clearly, any serious entrepreneur cannot achieve financial success without good bookkeeping services for small businesses. It is extremely important for the financial health of the company. It’s not simply about recording transactions and keeping a track of incoming and outgoing money. Bookkeeping services bring the consistent financial process to the table that they implement with various strategies and maintain over the years.

A good bookkeeping service will always insulate your valued businesses from dangerous financial risks, and they are a critical point of advice when it comes to making important business decisions. For instance, the full-charge bookkeeper has to coordinate with management members of all the departments for the approval of purchases. They need to handle expense reports that require extreme math skills along with great organizational and management capabilities.

Hiring bookkeeping services for small businesses also helps reduce the overall expenditure of your company. They ensure that the business doesn’t run into any costly penalties or fees due to errors in reports or ledgers. They also alert you in case of mismanagement and/or wastage of company supplies and resources. Lastly, having bookkeeping experts by your side frees up your time to focus on other important aspects of the business, thus potentially increasing your profits.


Why choose QABuffs? Well, we offer tailormade bookkeeping services for small businesses because every company is different. We are a leading service provider in the world with innovative solutions like cloud hosting that allows clients to access their data from any part of the world. We provide exceptional support and experience to help clients achieve financial success.

Equipped with years of expertise and a team full of experts, we use modern solutions for error-free financial management. Our services are cost-effective and help you save a ton of time and money.