BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce site that helps merchants progress in their business with an innovative approach and provides growth of an online business. It ensures proper functionality, customization options, and an easy application process. In this support article, we will learn BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration in the Desktop version.

BigCommerce and QuickBooks Integration

In the current world interface, QuickBooks has been the option for over 2 million users around the globe and the most demanding software in the accounting market. It keeps the operation easy and provides high security for the business and related financial matters. A very common QuickBooks integration nowadays for business and store owners is BigCommerce and QuickBooks Intergation. Let’s talk about integrating QuickBooks with BIgCommerce App.

Integration of BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop

With the Integration of QuickBooks desktop with BigCommerce, one is sure to experience easier accounting leaving room for you to spend the time managing other functionaries related to your online store.

BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration 2022

This Integration process requires a third-party application to connect QuickBooks Desktops with the BigCommerce online business as it is not an in-house feature of BigCommerce online business.

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With BigCommerce and QuickBooks desktop integration, you can keep a record and constant track of the individual order along with the summary of the products with days, weeks, months, or of a stipulated tenure.

It automatically provides for the receipts and invoices for the transacted orders along with other provided information required for the supply of the product. This feature allows all types of currency transactions and successfully updates all the inventory of the sales.

Big Commerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

QuickBooks has online and desktop versions as per industry needs. Bigcommerce and QuickBooks integration steps are slightly different. Integrating with QuickBooks Desktop helps you to easily communicate with the shipping app and identify the granular profit by restricting much of the shipment charges and performing multiple timely taxes payment options as well.

For the proper running of the integrated software, it is required to maintain an updated inventory level regarding all the returns and sales of the business. With QuickBooks, the inventory levels get updated automatically depending on the purchases. It synchronizes the items with the varieties, and the tracking can be possible through multiple inventory sites.

Steps to Integrate BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop  

It is required to check the connectivity and configurations properly before integrating BigCommerce with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • A payment method is required to be set in.
  • Tax settings setup is required. 
  • SKU’s of BigCommerce should complement that of QuickBooks, and all the items should have distinct SKUs.

The following are the steps necessary to set up in the Quickbooks account:

  • Setting up of Chart of Accounts is required.
  • Enabling of “Shipment” and “Discount” options
  • Enabling the “Track Quality by Hand.”
  • You are then required to choose the “Store Setup” option from the BigCommece dashboard.
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration
BigCommerce DashBoard
  • Select “Accounting”
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  • Then you select the “Install” option and choose “QuickBook Desktop” and “Confirm” it.
  • Following this, select “ Connect to QuickBooks,” or you can simply sign in through the page if you don’t have a QuickBooks account.
  • Choose the “Connect” option to finish the setup configuration.

Another feature is that QuickBooks Payments are a gateway option as well for BigCommerce businesses. Apart from PayPal by Braintree, BigCommerce can consider QuickBooks Payments can be a good gateway option as it accepts Visa Card, American Express, and MasterCard, as well as fascinating premium features like fraud protection or invoice tools. It carries its transaction fees.

To make QuickBooks Payment the default payment method for BigCommerce

Simply follow the steps below.

  • Select “Payments” in the “Store Setup” category from the BigCommerce Dashboard
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  • Expanding the “Online Payment Methods”  is required and then select “Set up” available beside the “QuickBooks Payments” option.
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration
  • ‍Select the “Connect to QuickBooks” tab
  • You will be requested to sign in with the QuickBooks Account prompted by a pop-up window. Here you need to “Sign in” and finish the Integration. 
BigCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Contact QuickBooks Integration Experts

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