An Unexpected Error has Occurred in QuickBooks

Certainly, QuickBooks Point of Sale is an excellent composition of Intuit, which guarantees the business owners to precisely track the sales, purchase, inventory, and other tasks connected to the retail business sector. In this article, we will talk about how to fix an unexpected error has occurred in QuickBooks Pro 2014.

An Unexpected Error Has Occurred in QuickBooks Pro 2014

Many business owners prefer this software due to its potential features and tools that flawlessly integrate with the innate dashboard. The QuickBooks Point of Sale software works smoothly and is easy to handle for beginners and experts.

The software is well-built and provides the best possible quality to the users, but it is still software that is prone to errors like every other software does. 

QuickBooks POS unexpected error” specifies the error message that users usually encounter while accessing the software.

However, some of the common unexpected error messages that desktop customers encounter are the following:

  • Error Message: QBPOSShell stopped working
  • QuickBooks Unexpected error occurred – The error is: Value can’t be null. Parameter: s. 
  • QuickBooks Unexpected error occurred: Please restart Point of Sale desktop. Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980406.
  • Error Message: Due to invocation exception was thrown off the target.
  • Initialization for the configuration system has failed.
  • POS Error 100 – Database server not found “08w01”.
  • Unable to access the application through the Point of Sale symbol.
  • POS 1766120 Error – Status: Invalid License Key, Key Denied.

These are some of the usual errors that users encounter while using QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks POS Unexpected Error

An Unexpected Error has Occurred in QuickBooks can be caused to some technical faults in the software. According to the QuickBooks experts, this error can occur due to four main reasons:

  • Incompatibility of System requirements.
  • System resources of a computer might be running low.
  • Glitches in Database Manager of QuickBooks Point of Sale and incorrect functional issues.
  • Poor installation of System or Microsoft.Net framework corrupted.

Solutions for QuickBooks POS Unexpected Error

An Unexpected Error has Occurred in QuickBooks
QuickBooks Unexpected Error [Solved 2022]

There are four major solutions that are helpful to resolve Unexpected Errors that occur in QuickBooks POS. You can try these solutions in the proper sequence to resolve the error.

However, before fixing the error with the proposed solutions, you need to check if your computer meets the system requirements for running the QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

Here are the solutions for An Unexpected Error has Occurred in QuickBooks as follow:

Solution 1: Check Updates 

First of all, you need to ensure that all the recent updates of the software are installed on your computer. 

Before you update POS to resolve the issue, you have to rename the entitlement client folder.

  • Navigate to the product updates page
  • Select Point of Sale as your product
  • Follow the instructions for installing a manual update
  • After completion, reboot the system

Solution 2: Check System Requirements

You need to ensure that all the system requirements are matching properly to run the POS.

You need to verify the RAM requirements to run POS.

To verify the RAM of your computer:

  • Click on the Windows Start button
  • Choose Computer and Open its Properties
  • Check your system’s Installed memory (RAM).

In case your system doesn’t have sufficient RAM, you can ask a computer hardware professional to add more memory to your system. If your system has enough RAM available, you can follow the next solution. 

Solution 3: Try Microsoft Component Clean-up Tool

This is a smart tool offered by Microsoft. It helps smartly identify the problems occurring in the Microsoft features Point of Sale. This tool is helpful to detect the errors automatically and resolve them with the help of the following Microsoft components:

  • Visual C++
  • .NET Framework

Solution 4: Try a New Windows User

  • Open Windows Start > Search User Accounts 
  • Open User Accounts > Click Manage Accounts > Go to Manage Another Account
  • Choose to Create a New Account and Give it a Name
  • Choose Administrator for the New User Type
  • Log off Windows >Sign In from the Newly Created Account and Open Point of Sales again.

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Contact Desktop Software Support Team

If these four suggested solutions are not working for you to resolve the issue, you can report the issue immediately to the customer support of QuickBooks Point of Sale. The support is prompt, and they are responsive to handling all the issues regarding POS.

You can use the toll-free number to connect with the team or talk to them over live chat or email.

Moreover, you can also try other professional and reliable companies that offer instant solutions to errors with the help of an experienced QuickBooks pos error support team. Call the toll-free number and get excellent assistance to resolve POS issues. 

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